Poll: Is Grant Hill A Hall Of Famer?

After Grant Hill announced his retirement tonight, many people started wondering whether Hill had done enough over his career to warrant a place in the Springfield, Massachusetts Hall of Fame?

Chris Tomasson of Fox Sports Florida, spoke to Hill a few years ago about the possibility of Hall of Fame enshrinement. Here's what Hill told Tomasson at the time (Sulia link):

"You kind of leave that to the media and the barber shops. It's a matter of opinion."

"I don't know (if he's a Hall of Famer). Certainly my injuries took away maybe a good chance of it happening. You could argue against it and say that I wasn't healthy for a long period of time. But I did have six or seven years of health, with All-Star Games, and the college stuff.

"Certainly, if it would happen, it would be great. If it doesn't happen, I'm certainly more proud of getting back (from injuries) and playing than making the Hall of Fame. I don't mean to say anything negative about the Hall of Fame and minimize its importance, but opportunities are a little different after (a career) is almost taken from you.''

Hill made seven All-Star teams during his 19-year NBA career and shared the 1994/95 Rookie of the Year award with Jason Kidd. He also made four All-NBA 2nd Team's and one All-NBA 1st Team before ankle injuries destroyed his quickness going to the basket. 

During the 1996/97 season with Detroit when Hill made his only All-NBA 1st team, he also finished third in MVP voting. It's easy to forget how explosive he was before his ankles started giving out shortly after signing with the Magic in the summer of 2000. 

But Hill's on-court accolades pre- and post-injury don't adequately sum up how gracious an athlete he was over the course of his career. David Stern said of Hill, via Brian Mahoney of the Associated Press (Twitter link), that he "embodied the ideals of dedication and perseverance in overcoming injury and adversity." That's something voters will keep in mind when they cast their ballot for the Hall of Fame.

So we put it to you: Should Grant Hill be elected into the Hall of Fame?

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2 thoughts on “Poll: Is Grant Hill A Hall Of Famer?

  1. oremlk

    In my opinion, even though he was a 7-time all star, he only deserved it 5 or 6 of those seasons. After 99-00 his career took a nose dive due to injuries. He never won a championship and his peak, while very strong, didn’t last long enough to compensate for that fact.

    Is Tracy McGrady a Hall of Famer? He had a higher peak and his peak lasted longer. Sure, he has had a harder time being a productive roleplayer after his injuries, but IMO you don’t get inducted into the HoF for being a long-time roleplayer. You get inducted for your best years where you made a huge impact on the game.

    In my book neither of those guys are HoFers.

    • alphakira

      There’s some major differences between Hill and McGrady that you’re not taking into account.

      -FG%, really not even close. McGrady was never exactly a thinking man on the court and often spent more time chucking up exciting shots rather than taking efficient ones.

      -The amount of years in which Hill was a quality roleplayer after his time had passed is somewhere around 6 or 7, McGrady basically has 1 and has been forced to garbage minutes at only 34 years old, likely not even being with a team next year.

      -Lockeroom respect and leadership. CP3 said his single year with Hill in which Hill spent the year hurt or on the bench taught him more than any other player he’s played with. McGrady barely has the respect of any fanbase and has bad mouthed several teams on the way out.

      Like you said, you get inducted based on your impact on the game, and considering his collegiate career in addition to the rolemodel he’s been in the NBA I think he has the advantage over McGrady any day.


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