Eric Bledsoe To Suns, Redick To Clippers

JULY 10TH: The Bucks have officially announced that the three-way deal has been finalized (Twitter link). Milwaukee will receive Toronto's 2014 second-round pick (via the Suns), and the Clippers' 2015 second-rounder, which is protected in '15 and '16, but unprotected in '17 (Twitter link). That Raptors pick also has some unusual protection, the details of which can be found at

JULY 2ND: The Clippers, Bucks, and Suns have reached agreement on a three-team deal, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports (Twitter links).  Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler will go to the Suns, Jared Dudley and J.J. Redick (sign-and-trade) will head to the Clippers and two second-round picks will be sent to the Bucks, according to sources.  The Clippers and Suns will each kick in a second-rounder, tweets Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times.

Redick's brand new deal will pay him $27MM over the next four years, Wojnarowski (link) hears from sources.  The shooting guard will also get a trade kicker in his contract, Wojnarowski tweets.

The Clippers were in the market for a shooter this summer and they get a tremendous one in the former Bucks guard.  Redick averaged 14.1 PPG last season for the Bucks and Magic, though his downtown shooting dipped to 36.6% versus his 40% clip from the previous six seasons.  It's also worth noting that Redick attempted 5.8 threes per game, versus 3.1 prior to 2012/13.

Bledsoe is a major acquisition for the recently-crowned GM Ryan McDonough.  The 23-year-old guard will team up with No. 5 overall pick Alex Len for the Suns who are hoping to recover from a rough 2012/13 campaign.  The Clippers were extremely high on Bledsoe and his potential, but even ardent supporter Chris Paul acknowledged earlier this year that he would likely be traded to fill a greater need.  Bledsoe was stellar last season, averaging 8.5 PPG and 3.1 APG in 20.4 minutes per contest, serving primarily as Paul's understudy.  Bledsoe's addition figured to change things for point guard Goran Dragic and may also effect last year's first-round pick Kendall Marshall.   

The Suns also get Butler in the swap and they'll pay him $8MM in his upcoming walk year.  The veteran averaged 10.4 PPG last season, his lowest mark since his sophomore campaign in 2003/04.  He started all 78 games that he played in for the Clippers last season but played just 24.1 minutes per contest.  One has to imagine that he'll see a good amount of burn for the rebuilding Suns.

Dudley started 50 games (79 played in total) for the struggling Suns last season, averaging 10.9 PPG and 3.1 RPG.  The 6'7" forward has a reasonable contract as he earns $4.25MM in each of the next two seasons and can make the same amount in 2015/16 if he triggers his player option.  While he's not the centerpiece of the deal for L.A., he can certainly be a valuable addition to their bench.

As for the Bucks, this deal is something of a head-scratcher.  Milwaukee parted ways with Tobias Harris in a six-player deal to acquire Redick back in February and five months later, they have just two second-round picks to show for it.

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28 thoughts on “Eric Bledsoe To Suns, Redick To Clippers

  1. merchie89

    my friend is a Bucks fan, I told him he can no longer be.

    this is probably a worse trade for them then the Tobias deal!!!! Dudley and Redick are almost a wash, so the suns managed the get quite possibly the hottest young PG in the game behind Lillard and an expiring in butler, while the bucks got 2 seconds probably from the clippers so they will be late ones.

    Contraction needs to happen…

    • HoopsRumors

      To be fair, since Redick was an unrestricted FA, he could’ve signed with another team outright, without the Bucks getting anything in return. We’ll also have to wait to see who the picks are coming from, but I bet they’re both from the Suns. The Clippers have traded away most of their second-rounders.

      Obviously a far cry from getting Bledsoe, but better than nothing for Milwaukee.

      — Luke

      • merchie89

        Im sorry Luke but as the twitterverse is saying “they bucks go from talking sign and trade for bledsoe” to facilitating trade of bledsoe, and then they will resign Jennings for 5/54 and martin at 3/30.

        Only in Milwaukee…..

        • David Bartsch

          what a terrible deal for the bucks. Just let Reddick walk. What do 2nd rounders do anyway? Hardly ever make the team. Merchie is right. They will over pay Jennings and some other slob. Another set back in Milwaukee.

          • merchie89

            Im trying to bet my buddy his Bucks fanhood on them resigning jennings for over 10 million per and over 2 years.

            Jennings hasnt gotten many sniffs it seems, and it takes Larry Drew coming in to get the Bucks to notice Henson..good thing I like the blazers :(

          • Mo Vaughn

            Why not take the 2nd rounders rather than nothing. Some 2nd rounders do make the teams and do contribute, like some did this year (Draymond Green, Will Barton, Doron Lamb, Khris Middleton)

          • Matt Grieve

            Chandler Parsons, Omer Asik, Carl Landry, Gortat, Pekovic, Monta Ellis, Millsap and Marc Gasol are all second round picks. While it is true some don’t make the team, some do and go onto become Defensive player of the year.

          • Guest

            Why let him walk for nothing? The rules are changing in the NBA about rookie contracts and second round picks are going to become much more important. Redick did the Bucks a favor (and the Bucks did him a favor since the rules also allowed the Bucks to give him a higher offer than the other teams involved could have) by taking the sign and trade route and the Bucks got something that could be of great value as the second round becomes more important.

            In fact, they could package those two picks with their own and move up to have another first round pick next year.

        • HoopsRumors

          Yeah, evaluated on its own, getting something (even if its just a pair of second-rounders) for a free agent who wanted to leave isn’t bad. But considering what they gave up for Redick in the first place, and the fact that they were supposedly in talks for Bledsoe, it certainly looks much worse.

          — Luke

          • Matt Grieve

            You can’t look at the trade from last year in evaluating this trade. The trade from last year is a sunk cost.

            • HoopsRumors

              Maybe, but they seemed to be making that deal with the intention of re-signing Redick. If they’d known they weren’t going to do that, I don’t think they give up Harris et al.

              — Luke

              • Matt Grieve

                You take the risk for sure, and it means the grand scheme of things were a failure, but that doesn’t mean that the bucks got screwed in THIS trade. If anything as a bucks fan I like that we got something, when we should have gotten nothing. Reddick was unlikely to sign with the bucks anyways.

          • Guest

            They say second round picks are going to become much more important because rules are changing regarding rookie first round guaranteed salaries (people will trade those picks away more often).

            The Bucks have huge cap room and will have even more next years. Who’s to say they won’t take these two picks, their own second rounder for next year, and trade those 3 away for having two first round picks in next year’s loaded draft?

        • Guest

          Jennings will be a sign and trade as well if they land Korver and Smith. Their cap space should allow them to outbid everyone for both of those players and then they should be able to get something of great value for Jennings. They might even be able to sign Devin Harris as the backup for Smith and they’ll be set.

    • DieHardMsFan

      How so? They got two 2nd round picks for a player that was going to be leaving anyway…

  2. jza1218

    Who did the Suns bribe to be able to get Eric Bledsoe AND Caron Butler’s expiring contract for Jared Dudley?

  3. Jessie

    There is NO WAY anyone can justify this being a good deal for the Bucks. To say getting anything for Redick of whom was leaving anyway is really an ignorant statement. Consider the other two parties involved and even comparing this Sign and Trade to others the point is very clear…..the Bucks got SCREWED.

    • Guest

      No, this is the ignorant statement. If you had a broken down car that you were going to take to the junkyard and get nothing, but then a guy came along and offered you $500 and planned to fix it up, you’d be coming out ahead, right?

      That’s what happened here (hint for the dumb people: Redick is the broken down car that was going to the junkyard for nothing when someone offered us 2 second round picks for it).

      They didn’t get screwed. Because he was technically on their roster last, the rules allowed them to offer a higher contract deal. The whole thing was predicated on a sign and trade because of cap rules and the like. Most of it was financial, but the Bucks got exceptional value in these two picks (at the very least, they will have value in being traded away).

  4. Marvin Marshall

    I guess this means that the Suns are in full rebuild mode & will be shopping Dragic along with Gortat.

    It was really a good trade for both the Suns & Clippers. The Suns get a young ready to break out PG & an expiring contract for a rebuilding team. And the Clippers get 2 solid role-players who can shoot.

    For the Bucks, it is what it is. They got a little something for nothing.

  5. Jessie

    How so? ….The Suns got Bledsoe and Butler, The Clippers got Redick and Dudley and the Bucks got 2 second round picks. Those two teams got ALLOT more value in this trade then the Bucks did and saying “Atleast the Bucks got something” is ignorant because the other two teams involved got allot more in terms of value then the Bucks did. This is a TRADE not a charity so the Bucks “Just getting something” argument DOES NOT FLY.

    • HoopsRumors

      From the Bucks’ perspective though, it’s a sign-and-trade, not a straight-up trade, which makes a big difference. It gives the team very little leverage.

      For instance, we know Kevin Martin agreed to a four-year, $28MM deal from the T-Wolves, and we know the Wolves made Redick an offer as well. I’m guessing the offer to Redick was very similar to the Martin offer, which means Redick could’ve gone to the Bucks and said “I’d rather go to the Clippers, but I’m willing to sign with the Wolves if you won’t accommodate a sign-and-trade to L.A.”

      That would make it awfully hard for the Bucks to hold out for Bledsoe or a first-round pick, when doing that could result in losing Redick for nothing. Why not get a little value instead?

      — Luke

    • Guest

      Wrong. Redick was an UNRESTRICTED free agent. That means that he could have signed anywhere he wanted for any price and the Bucks did not have the right to match and would have gotten ZERO for him.

      The way the rules are structured, the Bucks were likely able to offer him slightly more than the other teams involved and it was in his interest (and the Bucks, whom he was then doing a favor) to go the sign and trade route.

      Yes, the other teams got more value, but Redick absolutely refused to sign with the Bucks and made those intentions well known. He could have just gone the free agent route and the Bucks get nothing.

      2 second round picks is much better than nothing, right?

  6. merchie89

    hey Luke! Wojikaksiswi gave me some more info on the twitter. bledsoe for dudley and dumping butler? thats the best they could do??

    • HoopsRumors

      If you’re suggesting that the Suns are the winners in this deal, I can’t argue with that.

      — Luke

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