Rondo On Trade Rumors, Pierce, KG, Stevens

Last year, Rajon Rondo entered the season healthy and an indispensable part of a perennial playoff team. Now, Rondo is a trade candidate on a stripped-down roster as he continues rehabbing his torn right ACL. The All-Star point guard told reporters at media day that he'll return to action when he's "mentally ready," a refrain familiar to that of Derrick Rose from last season, when the Bulls point guard never made it back from his torn ACL. Rondo was vague about a timetable for when he might play again, but he was much more forthcoming about other issues. We'll pass along some of his juicier comments, courtesy Ben Rohrbach of

On speculation that he'll be traded:

"Those are things that are out of my control. I don’t tend to worry about those things. I have to live my life. Whatever the case may be, whenever that may happen, that’s what will happen. But until then, I’m a Celtic, and I’ll play as hard as I can for this organization."

On the trade that sent Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to the Nets:

"It wasn’t difficult at all. I didn’t feel anything. I actually landed in L.A. the night of the draft, and I got about 45 text messages coming through my phone. I thought I was traded. You never know."

"It’s part of the business. They’re not the first teammates that I’ve been close to who have been traded away — Perk [Kendrick Perkins], Tony Allen — so it’s part of the process."

On new Celtics coach Brad Stevens

"Me and Brad have become best friends. We talk every day, we laugh and joke. We just had dinner the other night. I’m going to help him; he’s going to help me. He has my full support. I told him from day one, when he came to my camp, that I’m behind him 100%. Whatever he wants to do, whatever he wants to change, I have an open mind. I’m ready to listen and to be accountable for what he has for me to do."


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