Poll: Will Rajon Rondo Be Traded To The Knicks?

Earlier today, Hoops Rumors revealed that the Knicks were interested in acquiring Rajon Rondo from the Celtics. Rondo isn’t a free agent until the end of the 2014/15 season, so the veteran guard would probably need to request a trade to New York in order for the Knicks’ alleged wish to come true.

Chris Forsberg of ESPNBoston.com opines that there are a few problems with the Knicks’ thinking and suggests a theoretical blockbuster trade that would pair up Rondo with Carmelo Anthony in New York is highly unlikely. Forsberg notes that Celtics GM Danny Ainge wants to see how the current team fares with Rondo at the point when the injured guard makes his return, which is reportedly going to be some time in January or February. The little amount of space between then and the trade deadline won’t give Ainge enough time to determine the direction he wants to move with the team. If Ainge does decide he’s interested in trading Rondo, the Knicks probably wouldn’t be able to come up with as good of a package as other interested clubs could.

It might seem more realistic that Rondo would sign with the Knicks in free agency, but it’s worth observing that the Knicks have been in a similar situation before, successfully getting the player they wanted during the 2010/2011 season when they acquired Anthony from the Nuggets. Regardless of how flat the team is currently performing, there will inevitably be players who are intrigued by the notion of playing in New York City. Only time will tell if Rondo perceives the Knicks’ interest as real and decides he wants to request a trade.

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One thought on “Poll: Will Rajon Rondo Be Traded To The Knicks?

  1. alphakira

    After the comments of how he would never play for the Heat, how much he feels like he’s going to like playing for this coach, and how much he’s been trying to mentor guys on the bench I just don’t see him being disloyal and requesting a trade. As a Knick fan I pray he does, but it just doesn’t seem to fit his personality.


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