Cavs Brass Feels Mike Brown Has Lost Team?

11:07pm: Amico has been told there’s no fear that Brown has lost the team, in addition to the Cavs strongly refuting the report. When asked by a Twitter follower about the quick contradiction of the earlier report, Amico responded with “different sources say different things” (Twitter links).

9:51pm: According to Sam Amico of FOX Sports Ohio, although Cavaliers brass is concerned that Mike Brown has lost his team, league sources say there aren’t any plans to fire him at the moment. Amico also relays that there isn’t much hope for Brown re-gaining command of the locker room without a “significant occurrence” (Twitter links).

These tweets come along shortly after the Cavs were dealt a 31-point drubbing to the Knicks tonight and on a day that includes a report of Kyrie Irving telling confidants of his displeasure in Cleveland.  At 16-30, the team has dropped 17 of its last 22 games and have lost three straight. Earlier this season, GM Chris Grant was reportedly on “shaky ground” with the franchise, and the Cavs’ performance thus far certainly doesn’t help his case. As we relayed earlier today, there’s widespread belief among NBA executives that Grant won’t last in Cleveland beyond this season if the team can’t turn things around.

Things haven’t gone very smoothly for the Cavs this season, and despite the fact that Grant was able to conclude a rocky situation with Andrew Bynum by trading for Luol Deng, the concern about Brown losing his grip on the roster, speculation of Irving wanting to leave, a more-disappointing-than-not season for number one overall pick Anthony Bennett, and the possibility that Deng has the option of bolting this summer to explore free agency only further complicates things.

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3 thoughts on “Cavs Brass Feels Mike Brown Has Lost Team?

  1. Z....

    b/c they’re obviously lazy and dont want to work defensively. I refuse to believe any other answer. Mike Brown’s offensive gameplan is not something I’m a fan of, but he absolutely is a good head coach, and his defensive schemes should have made the Cavs a better team. It starts with Kyrie Irving. He takes way too many shots, especially with the players he has around him, and refuses to play defense. I see why Dion Waiters is disgruntled being behind him. Waiters at least attempts to play defensively. There is a reason that Irving’s FG% is so down this year, and is only as high as it is b/c of a slight improvement recently. He started atrociously. That team just frustrates me b/c they should have been better this year. I’ve said it countless times, so I wont go further than that. Kyrie Irving being in the all star game this year over Kyle Lowry is a total joke

  2. Hozo1

    Mike brown is an awful coach and always has been … Worst rotations … No feel for the game .. Fire him now

  3. Leonard Goines

    Here is the problem I have with Brown, he keep doing the same thing with his starting lineup that has not been working. I would start Dion at PG and put KI and SG with that both of their strength. Brown does not have a good plan for his stars and he has more than two. Why don’t he put these players on the floor at the same time:
    Second Team


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