Amico On Celtics, Melo, Irving, Dumars

Most executives who spoke with Sam Amico of FOX Sports Ohio say it seems more and more likely that the Celtics want to build around point guard Rajon Rondo, forward Jeff Green, and second-year big man Jared Sullinger.  Everyone else, however, appears to be available, and even those three aren’t considered untouchable.  More from Amico’s column..

  • The Knicks‘ struggles are fueling talk that Carmelo Anthony could be moved at the deadline but league sources say that seems considerably less likely and Melo will remain a Knick at least until the end of the season.
  • Could the Cavs be giving thought to moving Kyrie Irving given their own troubles?  “Absolutely, positively untouchable, now and forever,” said one opposing General Manager.
  • There’s been some talk that Pistons GM Joe Dumars could step down at the end of the season if the team fails to make the playoffs.  If so, league insiders suspect Dumars won’t be out of the game for long.  Despite Detroit’s struggles, Dumars helped build a title team and still has a lot of respect around the league.
  • The Spurs typically aren’t major players at the trading deadline, but sources say that could change this year.  For an outstanding return, Kawhi Leonard could be made available.
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2 thoughts on “Amico On Celtics, Melo, Irving, Dumars

  1. 123Redsox

    Pressey is a great back-up for Rondo and although Olynyk is still young. Look for them to be on the team for years to come too.

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