Jazz CEO On Trade Deadline, CBA, Silver

Jazz CEO Greg Miller did a lengthy Q&A with Matt Moore of CBS Sports, covering Utah’s young roster, the upcoming draft, and more. The whole thing is worth checking out, but here are some of the highlights:

On the quiet Jazz trade deadline, and contentment with the team as constructed:

“I’d say that this has been a very good developmental year. Going into the season, we stated openly our plan is to go young and develop the young guys into a championship contender. I think the development we’ve seen has been exactly what we’ve hoped for. And I’m happy with it.”

On relating to his players:

“I consider them all friends. I think we’re all blessed to have gentlemen on and off the course. They’re good for the community; they represent the franchise well. I try not to get too close to any of them because it’s the nature of the business that it’s fairly dynamic in terms of personnel moves. It’s tough enough without having that added dimension. Having said that, I feel like I’ve made an effort to express my appreciation to the guys who are going to be part of my guys in the future. I’d include Derrick Favors, [Trey] Burke, [Alec] Burks, Gordon [Hayward], Enes [Kanter] and others. When I see them at games, I feel comfortable around them and I think they feel comfortable with me.”

On new commissioner Adam Silver:

“I’ve had the benefit of having known Adam for a little over five years and worked with him as deputy commissioner. I’ve been impressed with him; the more I’ve gotten to know him the more impressive he’s become. He’s very thorough in whatever issues he’s about to tackle. He does his homework. He knows the strategy he wants to employ and what he wants to get done. I think he’ll be different from David in that he’s a little more even-tempered, but he’s articulate. He’s got some big shoes to fill, which I can relate to. My dad set the bar very high in our organization. I’ve always felt that we have that in common. We’re both successors to people who did their jobs very, very well. I think Adam is the right man for the job. David served the league and the fans and the owners really well for 30 years. And he certainly did his part to build the game of basketball and build the value of NBA franchises. It’ll be Adam’s turn to see what he can add. I’m excited to be a part of it.”

On whether the new CBA is helping small market teams stay competitive:

“I think it’s had the effect of leveling the playing field. The luxury tax is now so punitive that even the markets with deeper pockets would have to be really crazy to go into that. I can tell you that as long as our family owns the team and the current tax structure, you’ll never see the Jazz go into the luxury tax. The playing field has been leveled somewhat. I think it’s a good thing for small markets. I think it’s a little too new to have a completely clear picture of the impacts. I think based on what we’ve seen, it’s been good for small markets and good for the league.”

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