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This week, we’ll start with a team that has it’s eyes squarely on the future. The Sixers have lost 18 in a row and are closing in on the pole position for the draft lottery. Reader Zak Arn disagrees with the assertion that the Sixers will be just as woeful next season. Zak’s optimistic take was lengthy, so we’ll share a portion of it here:

  • I don’t see the Sixers’ struggles this year translating to struggles next year. They’re almost guaranteed to get one of Jabari Parker/Andrew Wiggins with their first pick and they’ll get one of Marcus Smart/Rodney Hood/Doug McDermott/James Young. What they need to focus on in free agency is a legit four. Chris Bosh isn’t opting out. Pau Gasol/Al Harrington are too old. Zach Randolph will want too much money. I think they should go add a guy like Glen Davis on a one-year deal to place hold for 2015’s free agent class of LaMarcus Aldridge/Kevin Love

Speaking of Love, Chris Herring of the Wall Street Journal recently argued that the Timberwolves star and rumored Knicks target would be a poor fit next to Carmelo Anthony. Commenter alphakira doesn’t see it that way.

  • *sigh* They say ‘Melo can’t play with Rajon Rondo because he can’t hit a jump shot and now they say ‘Melo can’t play with Love because he only can hit jump shots. Which is it? Many people (myself included) thought LeBron James and Dwyane Wade couldn’t co-exist because there’s only one ball … that worked out pretty well for them.

Charles Barkley is in favor of changing the lottery so every non-playoff team would have an equal chance at the No. 1 pick.  ManBearPig618 weighs the pros and cons of Barkley’s idea and Celtics assistant GM Mike Zarren‘s “wheel” proposal.

  • I’ve always felt the “Barkley plan” would be a better option than the “wheel” rotation proposal. It doesn’t even need to be one ball per lottery team. I think the NBA only needs to make the odds close enough so that teams wouldn’t have major incentive to flat-out tank. However, I guess this could end up pushing the “tank” status to fringe playoff teams. As a .500-ish team vying for the eighth spot, would you rather make the playoffs or have a fairly decent shot at a top-five pick?

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