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We value your input on the news we cover here at Hoops Rumors. That’s why we’re passing along some of the best insight from our comments and the Hoops Rumors Facebook page. Share your reaction to and insight on the news and rumors around the league, and you’ll have a chance to see your name here. Check out what readers had to say in previous editions of Hoops Rumors Featured Feedback.

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We’ll turn to the Hoops Rumors Facebook page first this time around, where we asked who should coach the Knicks next season. Reader Rashard Green threw his support behind the embattled incumbent.

  • “I’m going to go with [Mike] Woodson. I don’t think all the blame should be put on him. There were various issues the Knicks faced this year that affected the season. In all seven years as the Hawks coach the team improved, so I think he can do the same in New York. I think there may be a few assistant coaching changes and some roster moves. Amar’e [Stoudemire]‘s huge contract has to go. [Raymond] Felton is going to have to go, too, for starters. J.R. Smith better tighten up or he’s going to be gone, too, which is a shame because he could be such a asset when he’s focused.”

The Bobcats traded Ramon Sessions at the deadline, but apparently he harbors no ill will toward the team, and the veteran guard would love to head back to Charlotte in free agency this summer. Such a move would have a ripple effect, ozzie says.

  • Sessions did play well while a Bobcat but if he did come back, who would need to sit or go? Sessions and [Gary] Neal seem to play alike. I would think [Luke] Ridnour would be the odd man out depending on the draft.

The notion that the Lakers should trade their lottery pick this year in a deal for Kevin Love is a popular one in some circles, but not with jeremy, who urges patience.

  • I would love to see Love as a Laker, but they’re better off signing him as a free agent and using the pick to help build the team. This is a team game, not a one-man show.

We appreciate everyone who adds to the dialogue at Hoops Rumors, and we look forward to seeing more responses like these from you!

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