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This week, we’ll start with input about a team that, for all its struggles, still has a shot at a No. 1 seed. There’s reportedly an outside chance that Larry Bird will take over the coaching duties for the Pacers before the playoffs. Commenter Kevin Alberda doesn’t think Frank Vogel is the true source of Indiana’s second-half malaise.

“Maybe Larry Bird should look inward and realize that he made a poor trade. [Evan] Turner is a slight improvement over [Danny] Granger at this point, but was it worth messing wtih chemistry? Nah. Hope Bird does go to the sidelines, the Pistons could use Frank Vogel.”

Marvin Williams appeared on a list of free agents who seem unlikely to return to their teams, but rxbrgr cites an earlier report in his rebuttal.

  • Seems like Marvin Williams would be a good bet to return to the Jazz … they hold his Bird rights AND refused a first-rounder for him at the deadline. I think other teams would hesitate to give him mid-level money. I’m also surprised to see Boris DiawC.J. MilesKris Humphries, and Devin Harris on the list. All seem like good fits for the team who’ve made positive impacts there.

Curtis Smith‘s team has endured a long season, but with the Lakers keeping GM Mitch Kupchak around for the long haul, Curtis is optimistic.

  • As a Laker fan i agree with this decision to extend his contract. I have full faith in him to rebuild this team and return us back to a playoff team … now hopefully he doesn’t miss on this lottery pick this year. I expect this to be his last trip to the lottery as the Laker GM.

We appreciate everyone who adds to the dialogue at Hoops Rumors, and we look forward to seeing more responses like these from you!

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