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This week, we’ll start with input from reader Z…., who looked ahead at what Rick Adelman‘s retirement means for the Wolves.

Hopefully, this doesnt cost them Kevin Love if he wasn’t already all but gone. He has said a multitude of times in interviews that one of the things he wants is for Adelman to remain the coach. Obviously, there are extenuating circumstances here, but it still could be something to think about. That team has had so much bad luck over the past three years. Their peripherals always suggest they should be much better. Their injuries have really hurt them, including this year. They really just need one more wing player that can provide some defense or maybe someone that can guard the point guard spot, and they could be a playoff team in the West…I would also like to see Kevin Love’s defense improve a little heading into next season.

There was also a coaching change in New York, where the Knicks fired Mike Woodson. Brian Paolercio thinks the fate of whomever Phil Jackson picks to be the team’s next coach could hinge on one of the league’s most mercurial players.

  • I will always be thankful for the good times, but when the bad times hit it felt like the wheels came off and he couldn’t stop the bleeding. Hopefully the rest of the team buys into this, but if J.R. Smith, Woodson’s pet project of sorts, buys into what Phil is doing, then I suspect a lot of the rest of the team will too.

Aaron Harrison and brother Andrew Harrison have let the suspense build as the April 27th deadline for underclassmen to enter the draft approaches. Carl Glover took to the Hoops Rumors Facebook Page to share his thoughts on whether they’ll enter the draft and just how well they can play in the NBA.

  • “If one goes, they both go. I think that is the consensus. I think they go simply because of this. I don’t ever see them becoming top-10 picks, unless they stay all four years which I don’t see happening, either. If [Tyler] Ennis is a lottery pick and Elfrid Payton from ULL is a potential top 25 pick, I can definitely see Andrew Harrison falling between the two of them. My thing is, 6’5″, 215-pound point guards (only 19 years old) just don’t grow on trees. Bring him in as a backup for two or three years where he only has to play 20 MPG and then give him the reins.”

We appreciate everyone who adds to the dialogue at Hoops Rumors, and we look forward to seeing more responses like these from you!

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