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This week’s report that the Bulls are likely to attempt to trade Carlos Boozer inspired a robust discussion on Hoops Rumors, and reader John Conley had much to say about a Bulls franchise he feels has underperformed. We’ll share his thoughts on what Chicago must do in the summer ahead.

  • The Bulls need three scoring threats in order for them to get to the conference finals. They can’t make wide open shots during crunch time. If [Derrick] Rose comes back healthy, they need at least two guys to go with him that score at least 15 points per game and play some form of defense. They keep repackaging the same team and it isn’t working. Their bench is weak, the starting five is weak and their offense is weak. Can’t fall in love with players the way the Bulls have in recent years. We need a couple of beasts on offense. We need a Nene. Gotta be one D-Leaguer that is a beast and hungry for a chance?

Pau Gasol isn’t content with his team either, writing on his website that the Lakers would have to make significant changes for him to re-sign this summer. One of the teams likely to pursue him is Charlotte, and ozzie chimed in about whether the Bobcats, soon to be renamed the Hornets, would be a fit.

  • I would say, “If Gasol could help the new Hornets in some ways, go for it.” He could be one of the missing links needed to make the Hornets a much more improved team next season. The Lakers are at a standstill with no improvement insight. The Hornets move would make more sense.

The Lakers might be anxious to make a splash with their coaching hire, but so should the Timberwolves, as Dorian Holden wrote in response to news on candidates for the Minnesota job.

  • The Wolves have gotta hit a home run knowing that [Kevin] Love is entering his walk year. They need a big name splash. And I think some of these people are gonna wait for the Lakers to open up.

We appreciate everyone who adds to the dialogue at Hoops Rumors, and we look forward to seeing more responses like these from you!

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