Poll: Will Duncan, Ginobili, And Popovich All Return?

The Spurs could be on the verge of winning their fifth franchise NBA championship and we still can’t help but harp on next season.  Such is the bizarre nature of sports and the mindset of the sports fan.  Rather than enjoy a beautiful and clear 80 degree sunny day, we want to know if there’s rain in the forecast for tomorrow.

We’ve heard the chatter all season long of will they/won’t they regarding Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and everyone’s favorite interview curmudgeon Gregg Popovich.  In the last week, we got some news – we think – on which way everyone is leaning.  Popovich, 65, says that he’s still full of energy and hopes to coach beyond this season.  Ginobili told NBA Inside Stuff that he hopes to play for one or two more years.  Tim Duncan, who indicated that he’s got a “couple” of seasons left in the tank not long ago, seems to be waffling somewhat, telling reporters this week that while he’s leaning towards a return in 2014/15, nothing is decided.

The outcome of this year’s Finals won’t influence LeBron James‘ decision but it could, in theory, weigh in for the Spurs’ aging trio.  As we gear up for Game 5, how do you feel about the chances of Duncan, Ginobili, and Popovich all coming back for an encore in 2014/15?

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2 thoughts on “Poll: Will Duncan, Ginobili, And Popovich All Return?

  1. J Hill

    Why would Duncan leave 10 mil on the table, and Ginobili leave 7 mil on the table? Their team has a lot of cap room left and could go for a 6th title.

  2. dc21892

    Duncan looked great this year. He’s got nothing left to prove. Neither does Pop. I can say the same about Manu also. These guys have done it all together and it’s been fun to watch. All in all, I think they do come back and try to win one more.


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