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The announcement of this year’s All-NBA teams sparked a strong debate in our comments. Several readers gave strong feedback, including Aaron Pi, who touched on Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love, perhaps the two most available superstars.

  • For everyone who says ‘Melo deserved [an All-NBA nod], he didn’t. I like Melo a lot, and think he is a good player, but he didn’t make it to the playoffs in the East. He team only won 37 games, in the East again! Someone like that does not deserve to be on this list. (I do say the same thing about Kevin Love. There should be more complaints about him being so high on this list.)

The Bulls have their eyes on both Anthony and Love, and in response to a dispatch suggesting a path to the Wolves star, Vegandork thinks Chicago should favor a star-heavy approach.

  • The Bulls certainly aren’t winning with their current pieces, so why not try the three superstar/minimum-salary role player route. It works for Miami, and one would argue the Bulls trio would be better.

Some in the Pacers front office reportedly questioned the wisdom of re-signing Lance Stephenson, but dogmanx23 seems to agree with Pacers president Larry Bird, who’s trying to bring the shooting guard back.

  • They need Lance. He does a little bit of everything and finding players like that isn’t easy. Yeah I don’t pay him over $10MM, but I would offer somewhere around $6-$7MM a year. Chances are a team out there will go into the $10MM range and his time in Indy is over. Pacers need a point guard and should maybe try and use Lance to get one if they don’t plan to keep him. George Hill can be moved to shooting guard if they need him to.

We appreciate everyone who adds to the dialogue at Hoops Rumors, and we look forward to seeing more responses like these from you!

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