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Rumors connecting Kevin Love to the Cavs are mounting, but reader Manchershaw Engineer thinks the pressure is on the Cavs, and not the Wolves, to swing a trade that delivers Love to Cleveland before he becomes a free agent next summer.

  • No, this is the great myth this rumor is trying to create. If Minnesota doesn’t trade him to Cleveland, he can’t go to Cleveland THIS YEAR OR NEXT. He can’t go there as a free agent without taking a ridiculous pay cut. Based on that alone, any team that thinks they are a good situation for Love should trade for him. Because if you trade for him, not only do you have his Bird rights, you’ve also eliminated any possibility of him winding up in Cleveland. Sure, he *could* walk at the end of the year, but the teams involved (Chicago, Golden State) are a lot better options to sign with than the teams that are going to have cap room after this season. There’s almost no chance he doesn’t re-sign if one of those teams trades for him.

The Sixers oppose changes to the draft lottery that would make it tougher for the worst teams in the league to net the No. 1 overall pick as soon as the 2015 draft, and while buffalonichols is a critic of the lottery, he thinks the league shouldn’t be in such a hurry.

  • No matter how you feel about the NBA draft lottery, and I think it’s terrible, I think the Sixers have a point here. You can’t have rules set in place and then change them suddenly in midstream. If the NBA is going to change the way the lottery works, they should phase it in so teams building their core under the current system don’t get screwed. Announce the changes now and then implement them in two or three years so teams can change their strategies going forward. Or, you know, just eliminate the lottery altogether in a few years.

I took a stab at forecasting the market for rookie scale extensions, listing Tobias Harris among those unlikely to sign one. Cigamodnalro followed with several well-considered dissenting opinions. Here’s his take on Harris:

  • Orlando has a logjam at small forward, it is true, but I think Harris is already a vocal leader of the team, and that this will only be magnified in the absence of vets like Jameer Nelson. Milestones like making the [USA Basketball] Select Team obviously only serve to increase his value to the team and possibly around the league. [Maurice] Harkless is significantly more likely to be the one moving on, I would think.

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