Paul George Holding Out Hope For 2014/15 Return

At a press conference this afternoon, Pacers star Paul George told reporters that while sitting out all of the 2014/15 season is a possibility, he’s still “holding out a little hope” that he can get back on the court, tweets Michael Lee of the Washington Post.

Of course, George knows that a return this season may be difficult to pull off as his injury required a rod to be placed in his right leg along with pins in his knees and ankles to keep it all in place (video link).  George still doesn’t know what the timeline is for his recovery or ultimate return to the court, but he’ll be working hard with an eye on getting back to business this season.

George doesn’t mind “taking a year off to get better for the next season” if that’s what he needs to do and he’ll begin rehabilitating his knee as soon as next week.  And while people have been quick to blame USA Basketball for the injury, George termed it as a freak accident and added that he wants to still participate in the 2016 Olympics.

The Pacers received a disabled player exception based on the prognosis that George will be out for the year but if he does beat the odds and makes a return during this upcoming season, the Pacers won’t be penalized in any fashion.

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