Poll: Which 2015 FA Is Most Likely To Depart?

The 10 players atop the Hoops Rumors 2015 Free Agent Power Rankings comprise a star-studded list, but not all of them will change teams between now and next season. Only two of the 10 free agents on the final edition of last year’s Power Rankings changed teams. It’s indicative of the extra power that incumbent teams have to retain their star talent under the collective bargaining agreement, but it didn’t help the Heat, who lost LeBron James to the Cavs. Conservely, the Cavs saw Luol Deng sign with the Heat, but that’s a trade-off any team would make.

The idea of James leaving the Cavs again, and so soon after returning, seems a bit far-fetched, so we won’t include him among the options in this poll. Kevin Love has indicated his intent to remain with the Cavs, too, and he denied a report that he’s interested in signing with the Lakers. LaMarcus Aldridge also seems like a solid bet to return to his team, having repeated his desire to re-sign on a long-term deal, but his hometown Mavs are apparently eyeing him, and his relationship with the Blazers appeared to be on rocky ground up until last year.

Marc Gasol is a slick-passing defense anchor of a center who has an aging team around him, and brother Pau Gasol isn’t ruling out the idea that Marc would join the Knicks. Still, the younger Gasol has close ties to Memphis and appears content there. Rumors swirl nearly constantly around Rajon Rondo, but he hasn’t stopped singing Boston’s praises. The Spurs appear poised to match any offer for Kawhi Leonard, but after they passed on a max extension for the reigning Finals MVP last month, it’s fair to wonder whether a rival team will force them to decide whether to match a max offer sheet for him next summer.

Al Jefferson‘s value may never be higher after this season in Charlotte, and if he opts out, he’ll presumably have his choice of destinations. The same may be true of Goran Dragic, but the Suns will push to retain him, and they’ve already signed brother Zoran Dragic through 2015/16.

Greg Monroe and the Pistons haven’t ruled out a new deal this summer, but this past offseason he resisted any scenario that would tie him to the Pistons for the long term. DeAndre Jordan is fond of Doc Rivers, but the big man’s best days still seem to be ahead of him as he awaits his 27th birthday in July, the month when NBA teams traditionally shower cash on promising starting centers.

Last year’s 8 for 10 retention rate might be on par with what we’ll see this summer, but it would nonetheless be surprising to see all 10 top free agents re-sign with their current teams. Tell us which free agent you think is most likely to leave his team next summer, and leave a comment to let us know why you made your choice.

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One thought on “Poll: Which 2015 FA Is Most Likely To Depart?

  1. ManBearPig618

    Easily Monroe. Signing the qualifying offer was tantamount to booking his plane ticket out of Detroit. For the record, they kept the wrong big. (I’m looking at you, J-Smoove).


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