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Yesterday, the Heat signed Hassan Whiteside and waived Shannon Brown to clear a roster spot for the big man. Reader Z…. points out that the move to release Brown was likely due to the strong play of Shabazz Napier and Miami’s fondness for Andre Dawkins.

  • Brown has played well defensively, and had a backer in Dwyane Wade. My assumption is that this move is brought on by the good play of Napier, and the fact that we’ve had injuries to our big men, namely  [Josh McRoberts], Birdman [Chris Andersen], and [Justin] Hamilton. I also really like Dawkins, and my guess is that the Heat do as well, which is probably why he is still on the roster

NBA commissioner Adam Silver mentioned in an interview with Chuck Klosterman of GQ.com that one of the changes he would like to implement is a harder, more restrictive salary cap for the league. Reader Curtis Smith believes that this potential stance, plus the NBPA’s likely push for doing away with maximum salary restrictions altogether, will mean that some compromises will need to be made in order to avoid a potential lockout in 2017.

  • Sounds like Adam Silver wants a hard cap. Prepare for another lockout. The players are going to try to get rid of max salaries. Something has to give.

In an entertaining back and forth discussion, reader Sky14 disagreed with my opinion that the Timberwolves should consider trading Nikola Pekovic for younger, cheaper assets.

  • It will be an interesting couple of years for the Wolves. They have a lot of individually talented players but always seem to have trouble putting it together. Could not disagree more on your take about Pekovic. He has not averaged below his career averages in points or rebounds since his rookie year. He is much more of a 17 and 9 guy that he has been the past two seasons. In fact, his PER has been over 20 the past three seasons, and last season he was 23rd in the NBA, one spot behind Dwight Howard and 61 spots ahead of Thaddeus Young, whom you mentioned would be in line for $12MM per year in his next contract.

In a recent reader poll we asked in response to Eric Bledsoe‘s comments about whether the Kentucky Wildcats could defeat the Sixers in a seven game series, reader alphakira agreed with the plurality of voters who disagreed with Bledsoe’s assertion that Philadelphia would fall to the college squad.

  • You said it perfectly already. The Sixers may be a bottom-feeder in the NBA, but they’re players in the NBA…which means they were all in the top 60 players in all of college basketball when they were drafted. If you voted for Kentucky, please look at Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker (and basically the rest of the elite draft class). They were the top two players in all of college last year and have yet to prove much in the NBA.

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