Poll: Best Fit For Lance Stephenson?

You’ve got to give it to Lance Stephenson. Whether he’s blowing in LeBron James‘ ear or stirring up trouble elsewhere, the talented shooting guard is rarely boring. The question, however, is whether or not he’s worth the headaches that he inevitably comes with. The Hornets sure don’t seem to think so, as they’ve reportedly discussed moving him with a handful of teams in recent days.

After losing in Cleveland tonight, Charlotte is off to a disastrous 6-18 start. Stephenson has complained about his role in the offense, struggled to learn the team’s system and been generally unable to co-exist with point guard Kemba Walker. Nearly 60% of Hoops Rumors readers thought the Hornets should trade Stephenson as of two weeks ago and the team has gone 2-4 since.

It seems like Charlotte, a team that was perceived as a contender in the East as recently as a month or so ago, is ready to pull the plug on its prized offseason acquisition. If that is indeed what transpires, what team is best suited to bring aboard the polarizing Stephenson? His talent is undeniable and he is still only 24 years old, but he also brings a level of volatility that had one writer today caution the Pacers from staging a reunion.

So, of the teams he’s been linked to, which team do you think should roll the dice on Lance?

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