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There are differing opinions on the Celtics’ strategy of collecting draft picks, as our comments reflected while Boston was poised to send Jeff Green to the Grizzlies for a protected first-round pick. Reader dc21892 is optimistic about Danny Ainge‘s plan.

  • It gives them some serious flexibility. They can either choose to keep the picks, or trade up for a potential star in the draft, possibly even a rising star in the NBA. The core of young pieces, such as Marcus Smart, Jared Sullinger, Kelly Olynyk and Avery Bradley, mixed in with what they could do the next four years is incredible. It won’t be the fastest rebuild ever, but it’s looking extremely promising.

The Bulls passed on a chance at a discount when they failed to sign Jimmy Butler to an extension before the October deadline to do so, but Trock applauds Chicago for its apparent willingness to shell out the maximum salary for Butler this summer.

  • The Bulls have a great core right now. It would be a huge loss to see Jimmy go. Glad they are coming out saying they want to get this done sooner rather then later. In the end, they may have cost themselves a few extra million each year but they weren’t too far off what they will end up paying him with the max.

The Sixers have reportedly held exploratory talks about Michael Carter-Williams with several other teams recently, and Adam Gingrich gives his take on the market for the reigning Rookie of the Year.

  • Hard to find a good fit for a PG that can’t shoot. Boston? Could potentially play alongside Smart, who appears to be outperforming his scouting profile as a negative shooter. Sacramento seems to be sniffing around for a PG upgrade too. Doesn’t seem like a great fit next to Kobe Bryant or Carmelo Anthony and the Nets don’t have any assets to make a deal. Maybe the Pelicans? Denver seems to be on the verge of blowing things up too.

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