Players On The Cap For Multiple NBA Teams

Jameer Nelson is a one-time All-Star who carved out a consistent role for many years with the Magic, but only now, in his 11th season, has he represented seven figure cap hits to multiple teams. The Magic still have him on their books for $2MM this year, the result of having waived his partially guaranteed contract this summer. The point guard found a deal for the full value of the room exception from the Mavericks, and a pair of midseason trades took him to Denver by way of the Celtics. The Nuggets have Nelson’s $2.732MM salary for this season on their cap, just as the Magic have $2MM for Nelson on theirs.

Nelson and John Salmons are the only players this season who account for at least $1MM in cap hits to more than one team, but players who represent at least some money against the cap for more than one NBA franchise are not unusual. There are more than 30 such players this season, including swingman Chris Johnson and forward Quincy Miller, who are each on the books for three different clubs.

There are lots more players who’ve drawn paychecks from more than one team but only show up on the cap for one. That’s a group that includes traded players as well as those waived via the amnesty clause. However, our focus here is on a narrower but still fairly robust bunch who’ve managed to hit the cap in multiple locations. Here’s a complete list, including each player’s respective cap hit. Note that cap hit doesn’t always align precisely with the player’s salary.

* — Cotton’s figure with the Jazz assumes he’s making a prorated minimum salary on the multiyear deal he signed this week, though that’s not entirely certain.

** — Miller’s figure with the Pistons assumes he’s making a prorated minimum salary on the two-year deal he signed last week, though that’s not entirely certain.

The Basketball Insiders salary pages were used in the creation of this post.

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