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The Lakers loom as a free agent suitor for Goran Dragic, but even as the point guard confirmed he’ll opt out with the Heat, reader Adlaker12 can’t picture the Dragon in purple-and-gold:

  • I dont see Dragic here in LA. The Heat have the pieces to still compete in a watered down east. Why would you want to battle Curry, Paul, Parker, Westbrook in the west? There no nights off in the west at the point. Not to mention the competition for making the all star game as the point out west. The East and the Heat have too much to offer.

There’s doubt even among the Blazers that soon-to-be free agent LaMarcus Aldridge will be back, and Dallas will reportedly come calling for the power forward who’s a native of nearby Seagoville, but James Mantil is yet another reader who believes a top-10 free agent will stay put.

  • As much as I’d love it if Dallas would get Aldridge, I’m of the belief that he’s going to stay in Portland. I really think the 5th year and more money is going to outweigh playing in his hometown, especially since he likes playing in Portland. I think the other execs are right and Portland is just paranoid about him leaving.

There’s seemingly little chance that Rajon Rondo will be back in Dallas, and reader Z…. doesn’t see any logical destination for him, even if signs point to the Lakers.

  • I’m trying to think of any team that Rondo is a fit with in today’s NBA, and I’m having a really tough time. He is a ball stopping PG that can’t shoot, so he doesn’t space the floor. He isn’t as good defensively as he once was either, and then he is a big liability as someone that teams can put on the free throw line, and he doesn’t finish at the rim the way he used to either … he should probably be surrounded by shooters. Look at what him being in Dallas has done to Monta Ellis as well. Monta doesn’t shoot the ball well from 3, but was having a great year before the trade, and it was assumed he would cash out in free agency. Now the narrative is that he is an issue in the locker room, and some guys aren’t so sure it’s too smart for him to turn down his option. Just a bad trade, and as I said before it happened, you could see it coming.

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