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The primary component of Hoops Rumors is our day-to-day coverage of news and rumors, but we also maintain reference information that puts NBA player movement into context and allows you to see where your favorite team stands. One of our most prominent tools, particularly at this time of year, is our Free Agent Tracker. Thanks to pro basketball database guru Mark Porcaro, we also have a comprehensive listing of every draft rights held player and a round-by-round look at traded draft picks through 2021. Both are freshly updated as of today.

Draft rights held players, aka draft-and-stash prospects, are players who have been drafted but have yet to sign NBA contracts, often for a period of several years. It’s a common phenomenon with draftees from outside North America, but as our database shows, many of them are homegrown. In all, teams possess the rights to 112 unsigned draftees, though that number includes a handful from the 2015 draft who are expected to sign sometime this summer. Not surprisingly, the Spurs lead the NBA in draft rights held players with 13.

The round-by-round traded pick listing looks ahead to next year and beyond, and it demonstrates just how often picks change hands. As many as 14 of the 30 first-round picks in 2016 may change hands, and there are a whopping 24 stipulations attached to 2016 second-round picks. Thanks to teams like the Sixers and Celtics who commoditize them, teams have traded several dozen second-rounders for the next several years, including four for 2021 already.

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