Knicks Sign Darion Atkins

SEPTEMBER 10TH, 4:08pm: The signing is official, the Knicks have announced.

AUGUST 7TH, 2:40pm: Atkins has signed the deal, according to Marc Berman of the New York Post, though the team has yet to make an official announcement (Twitter link). That’s expected to happen next week, tweets Ian Begley of

JULY 24TH, 5:57pm: The Knicks intend to sign undrafted forward Darion Atkins, Shlomo Sprung of SheridanHoops reports (via Twitter). The length and terms of the agreement are not yet known, but Sprung indicates the contract will include a partial guarantee.

The former Virginia Cavalier made 33 appearances during the 2014/15 campaign, averaging 7.6 points, 6.0 rebounds, and 1.1 blocks. His slash line was .511/.000/.520. Atkins’ career numbers in four NCAA seasons were 4.4 PPG, 3.4 RPG, and 0.8 BPG.

It is certainly a bit surprising to see team president Phil Jackson adding more depth at forward when the roster currently has only four backcourt players signed to deals. Atkins will join a crowded frontcourt in New York, and he’s likely a longshot to stick with the team when the regular season commences. The Knicks already have Kyle O’Quinn, Derrick Williams, Kristaps Porzingis, Louis Amundson, Cleanthony Early, and Lance Thomas available to play power forward, and Carmelo Anthony will likely see some minutes at the four as well.

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20 thoughts on “Knicks Sign Darion Atkins

  1. Drhook

    If you don’t need him why sign him
    It’s likely he will not make the team

  2. kr00d

    Knicks should try to sign Kendall Marshall. They need a backup point guard, Larkin’s gone and Grant likely won’t start right away, Calderon is bound to get injured. They need another point guard, not PF.

    • Eddie Scarito

      Not sure the Knicks have anyone to flip at this point for a guard. I do think the team should make a run at acquiring Tyler Ennis from the Bucks. He’s somewhat expendable in Milwaukee, but I really love his game, and think he would be a great fit in the triangle. Not sure Bucks would deal him though.

      • AJade111

        They have a couple of players they may trade. Definitely some one fell out of favor. They need a back-center, as well as guards. Kirk is not viable

    • AJade111

      NDor, like Sved wanted the 2.8 mil exception. Knicks offered 1.6, and 1.8 as max.

  3. Why didn’t the Knicks sign Ndour who was athletic, played defense and appeared to have decent offense, but, in another confusing move let him sign with Dallas and then sign a new person who was also undrafted and again is a forward. At least with Ndour he looked like an interesting talent what do we have with Atkins another scrub, comeon Phil you know if Derek starts off like he did last season with no fire in his game we will be in for a long season and then you make one strange move after another and you wants us to hand in there, are you for real.

  4. LeonRaymond

    You all are missing the bigger picture again. This guy who is decent will be part of a trade package (Sweetner) for a Calderon Deal and or other deal. Don’t hung up on the details.

  5. bigfanhere99

    Knicks are not picking quality players, it’s more like Phil Jackson is getting players for the D-League Team. I’m confused, he used all the money and overpay players that aren’t worth the price and now he has no money for young players that we the Knicks showcase. It’ certain most NBA teams are just watching and following Knicks prospects because we the most scouts and experts plus the media. For luck of a better word they just copy us the knicks, it’s been a pattern for so many years.
    Phil Jacskson can’t afford too many mistakes like the Lakers did…

    • Ira Brand

      Really disappointed Knicks let Ndour leave. Young, great wingspan, has hops, looks like a better shooter than Cleanthony and the Greek. 6’9 and no money and they sign Williams for 10 mil. NY will wait to develop young guys. We last traded them all for Melo.

  6. Kyle Baker

    We as Knicks fans need to stop criticising so early let things pan out. I know it’s in our DNA to complain.

  7. Nelson Ramos

    ACC defensive player of the year. Looking for athletics rim protectors, blocking with upside potential. Youngs and with scoring abilities. Good choice. Good work with Spurs. KNICKS are looking for defense improvement. Offense will come in the package. Assembling a good, quick and versatile team. A team foundation in a very short time. Well done for Phil.

  8. keith boneher

    best point gard out there now is 2nd round is young from indian bet you he makes best rookie thats not a draft pick he does everything please check him out or make trade for him while he has no contract who ever read this an see him play will say yes keith boneher nyc money talks not words an im betting anyboddy that boy has action

  9. keith boneher

    please look an the best pg that bird got lucky with 2nd round pick no contract yet tour the summer league up doing everything name young if you know b ball he is the best thing out there better than the frist round picks knicks pleasei beg you look at him make trade or cap space he is the future any boddy that seen him will tell you that he need to be a knick if you read an look at him you say so to

  10. Jesse

    I am disappointed that the Knicks were unable to use their mini-mid level exception. When they won 54 games Jason Kidd was a significant addition. Considering Bargnani is now a Net, it looks like were throwing in a lottery pick. Also the trade exception of 5.9 million is worthless if the Knicks don’t use it. Phil will learn that Shumpert was better than Affalo.

  11. Da1CliQ

    Cleanthony Early and Lance Thomas don’t defend well enough to stay and don’t score enough to play..

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