Southeast Notes: Washburn, Hawks, Watson

Hornets training camp signee Jason Washburn could not continue to play overseas because the political unrest in Ukraine made it unsafe to do so, Jessica Camerato of Basketball Insiders writes in her profile of the 25-year-old center. “They [his team] said we can’t pay you anymore – this has really destroyed our economy – and we can’t guarantee your safety,” Washburn said. “We think you should leave.”

Washburn understands that it will be difficult to make Charlotte’s regular season roster, with the team already possessing 14 players with fully guaranteed deals, Camerato adds. “I don’t know the odds [of making the team] and to be honest, I don’t care,” Washburn continued. “I’m going to come in here, soak up what I can, play as hard as I can, if I get my opportunity, try to take as best advantage of it as I can and let the chips fall where they may.

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2 thoughts on “Southeast Notes: Washburn, Hawks, Watson

  1. Chuck Myron

    I think health will have a lot to do with how well the Hawks play, too. Everyone in the starting lineup played at least 70 games. That probably contributed to their 60 wins more than we realize. When Thabo Sefolosha went down, they weren’t the same team, even though Sefolosha was a bench player. Health and continuity mean a lot to the Hawks.

  2. Chris Crouse

    The Hawks were a nice story and a good team last year, but I’m skeptical on them repeating their success. 50 wins is a possibility, but I think they will miss Carroll in the lineup.

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