Poll: 2015/16 Team Power Rankings (No. 10)

The NBA preseason has officially begun, and teams are now in the process of paring down their preseason rosters. Every new season brings with it the hope for each franchise that it will conclude with the hoisting of the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. But for the more jaded fans — or practical, depending on your outlook — not every team has a realistic shot at making the playoffs, much less at being the last team standing when all is said and done and the playoffs have concluded.

We at Hoops Rumors want to know what you, the reader, think about each team’s chances this coming campaign. To help facilitate that, we’ll be posting a series of polls asking you to vote on where in the standings each franchise is likely to end the season. So please cast your vote below for the franchise you expect to end the season with the 10th best overall record. But don’t end your involvement with the simple click of a button. Take to the comments section below to share your thoughts and opinions on why you voted the way that you did. We look forward to what you have to say.

Previous Selections:

  • No. 30: 76ers
  • No. 29: Knicks
  • No. 28: Nuggets
  • No. 27: Lakers
  • No. 26: Nets
  • No. 25: Timberwolves
  • No. 24: Trail Blazers
  • No. 23: Magic
  • No. 22: Pistons
  • No. 21: Kings
  • No. 20: Hornets
  • No. 19: Jazz
  • No. 18: Suns
  • No. 17: Celtics
  • No. 16: Pacers
  • No. 15: Mavericks
  • No. 14 Bucks
  • No. 13: Pelicans
  • No. 12: Raptors
  • No. 11: Heat

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3 thoughts on “Poll: 2015/16 Team Power Rankings (No. 10)

  1. Hawks absolutely will not be considered a top 10 team after this upcoming season

    • Arthur Hill

      The loss of DeMarre Carroll will be a lot to overcome. This might be the year we find out how good Mike Budenholzer’s system is.

  2. eyeballtwo

    Heat about where they should be, although I’ld put them above the Wizards.
    Pretty sure most people are going to sleep on them until at least January, and that’s all good. Thought I should at least give the ‘if they stay healthy’ blurb in there – because that only applies to the Heat and NO other team. What the heck is that about?


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