Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 11/12/15

The Nuggets announced yesterday that small forward Wilson Chandler was diagnosed with a labral tear and will undergo hip surgery early next week. This means that Chandler will miss the remainder of the season as a result of the procedure, but he is expected to make a complete recovery after a six-month rehab period. The player initially suffered the injury during the preseason and he has missed the team’s first seven regular season games.

Denver signed Chandler to a four-year, $46.5MM renegotiation and extension during the offseason, despite the 28-year-old averaging just 48 appearances per season over the last four campaigns. When he was on the court, Chandler was certainly a productive player, but his injury history makes him a someone who cannot be relied upon to be a full-season contributor at this point. Which brings me to the topic for today: Did the Nuggets make an error in renegotiating and extending Wilson Chandler’s deal?

The Nuggets are a rebuilding team that isn’t viewed as an attractive destination for free agents. So it can be argued that the franchise needs to retain its talent no matter the cost, and an average annual salary of roughly $11.61MM isn’t an outrageous sum for a player of Chandler’s abilities. But given that he is rapidly approaching age 30, and isn’t likely to become more durable along the way, it can also be debated that Denver took a risk that isn’t likely to pay off with his extension.

But what are your thoughts? Take to the comments section below to voice your opinions on the subject. We look forward to what you have to say.

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5 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 11/12/15

  1. Andrew

    Absolutely. For some strange reason, the front office had the absurd notion that the team could be competitive in a stacked Western Conference, hence the extension. Considering the talented and young pieces they had before extending Chandler (i.e. Mudiay, Nurkić, Jokić, Lauvergne), it would’ve been wise to blow up the team and go into full rebuild – especially with a new coach in Malone. Plus, Chandler had protected-1st-rounder value before the extension, and a trade like that would definitely have been good value for the Nuggets.

    • Xyrak

      Agree 100%. I never understood the Denver front-office’s evaluation of their odds this year.

  2. Elliott H.

    Absolutely not. We resigned Wilson to a relatively fair deal. I don’t care what anyone says anymore. Look at all these superstars jumping ship in the NBA to win a title. And I’m not saying Wilson is a superstar but my point is that loyalty simply needs to be rewarded. I hate Kobe but respect his loyalty 100%. Wilson could have easily waited this year out and signed a deal with a contender with more money coming from the TV deal. However, he didn’t. He wanted to remain in Denver and help right the ship. Who doesn’t want a true pro like that around? Look at the mess we had of the last two years. I saw quit in damn near everyone on the team. But I didn’t see quit in Wilson Chandler. Reward that. Thats what the city of Denver needs. Carmelo/Ty Lawson did everything they could to leave.
    Nobody knew Wilson would get hurt or not but I’m tired of this get younger mindset. It should be get better. We got better by keeping a work horse like that in Denver.

  3. Dana Gauruder

    I doubt they’re going to get their money’s worth with Chandler. Too brittle, plus Gallinari is a better shooter from that spot anyway.

  4. Chuck Myron

    The Gallinari renegotiation-and-extension was wise for the Nuggets. This one was questionable and the injury more or less confirms that. But Chandler, who would have been on an expiring contract, dodged a huge bullet here by signing that deal.


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