Poll: Will The Warriors Win 34 Straight?

The Warriors appear to be an unstoppable juggernaut this season after rattling off 16 straight victories. That mark is the best start to a season in NBA history and the team shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Golden State’s next mark to set its sights on is the 33 straight wins notched by the 1971/72 Lakers, a record that doesn’t appear out of reach judging by how well the team is playing. The Warriors have won 20 straight regular-season games dating back to last season, which means that the team needs 13 more victories to tie the record and 14 wins to be able to make history.

Warriors superstar Stephen Curry admitted to reporters (h/t to Diamond Leung of The Bay Area News Group) that he and his teammates are well aware of the 33 straight wins benchmark, saying, “We talk about 33. I think I’ve probably talked about it more than anybody else on the team, just because I know about the history and just really how hard it is. We’ve had like two 16-game winning streaks the last two years, and those are pretty special feats. For us to have to double that output, I mean we’re going to play hard and hopefully close in on that record, but it won’t be a disappointing effort if we don’t get there. Because there are so many talented teams in this league and for us to just be playing at a high level right now, that’s what we’re worried about. And if we close in and get to 29, 30 games, we’ll talk about it a little bit more.

It will take more than just skill to break this record, as the team will need to remain healthy and continue shooting the ball as successfully as they have been. Neither are sure bets, especially given some of the talented teams that stand between the Warriors and history. But what say you? Will the Warriors be able to win 14 more games in a row and shatter the mark, or is it something that is likely out of reach? Cast your vote below and don’t be shy about voicing your opinions in the comments section. We look forward to what you have to say.

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3 thoughts on “Poll: Will The Warriors Win 34 Straight?

  1. Z.....

    I wouldnt say they have no chance. They have absolutely every chance to do so. Its just really, really hard to do it, so it makes sense to say they wont until it happens, or at least until they get a little closer.

  2. Chris Crouse

    Every team that plays them is going to give the Warriors its best shot and I believe one of the teams take Golden State down. 34 is just too many wins in a row to count on.

  3. Gary333

    If Barnes’ ankle injury is as bad as his grimaced face looked, the record is but a dream. I’m just hoping Barnes is okay!


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