Dead Money: Northwest Division

Not every dollar of each team’s payroll shows up on the court, as franchises often dish out funds to players who are no longer on their rosters. Players with guaranteed money who are waived, either through a standard waiver release, use of the stretch provision, or when a buyout arrangement is reached, still count against a team’s cap figure for the duration of their contracts, or the amount of time specified by the collective bargaining agreement for when a player’s salary is stretched.

There are even situations that arise, like the one with JaVale McGee and the Sixers, where these players are actually the highest-paid on the team. McGee is set to collect $12MM from Philly, and he won’t score one point or collect one rebound for the franchise this season. The next highest-paid athlete for the Sixers is Gerald Wallace, who was also waived, and he is scheduled to earn $10,105,855 for the 2015/16 campaign. In fact, the total payroll for the Sixers’ entire active roster this season is $32,203,553, which is merely $3,709,857 more than the amount being paid to players no longer on the team!

Listed below are the names and cap hits associated with players who are no longer on the rosters of teams in the Northwest Division, with the exception of those who had 10-day contracts that ran to term:

Denver Nuggets

Total= $2,550,480

Minnesota Timberwolves

Total= $3,725,000

Oklahoma City Thunder

  • None

Portland Trail Blazers

Total= $3,083,181

Utah Jazz

Total= $1,527,476

The Basketball Insiders salary pages were used in the creation of this post.

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2 thoughts on “Dead Money: Northwest Division

  1. Is the rest of Brandon Roy contract that was amnestied off the books now? I’m pretty sure it nvr counted against the cap. Just curious

    • Eddie Scarito

      Roy is completely off the books now and is no longer collecting an NBA paycheck. And you are correct that amnestied contracts do not count against the cap. If you want to read more about the Amnesty Provision, head here: link to


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