Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 1/1/16

We all made our fair share of mistakes in 2015. Granted, some made more than others. So much is true in the NBA, too, of course. While several teams improved after certain signings and acquisitions, others seemingly miscalculated or completely missed on a move or two.

We discussed favorite transactions from 2015 on this site yesterday and to continue our look back on the year, we thought it best to talk about some not-so-favorite moves, too. Of course, while 2015 has ended, the season is far from over so there is still time for our thoughts to change on certain transactions.

Still, some are definitely looking better than others with 2016 underway.

So, here is today’s question: What was the worst transaction of 2015?

Sometimes players just don’t mesh as well in a new system, in a new city or with a new coach, as a prospective team had hoped for. With that said, I have to hand it to the Pelicans. New Orleans’ re-signing of Omer Asik in July is my pick for the year’s worst move. This is not one of those moves that make or break a franchise, but Asik is definitely not playing up to the five-year deal worth nearly $52.978MM in base salary he signed. I didn’t think he would, either, given his overall deteriorating value and playoff struggles coming into this season. The signing was odd right when it was announced, in my opinion. Asik is averaging a career low 2.8 points per game.

But what do you think? Surely, there are more transactions that teams would love to hit a “redo” button on. Being mindful of our commenting policy, let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are. We look forward to what you have to share.

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5 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 1/1/16

  1. Starship Pegasus

    I think I’m gonna have to agree with the Asik signing. Resigning one of the slowest and unathletic bigs with no offensive game, while looking to become a more uptempo team just made no sense to me at all.

  2. hill

    Top 3
    1. I’m not sure I can whittle it down to one transaction, but I can’t think of a more knee-jerk, short-sighted and self-destructive set of moves than what Phoenix did at the trade deadline. Turning Dragic, Isaiah Thomas, Ennis, Plumlee and the Lakers’ protected 1st Rounder into what, the 30th pick (Cleveland’s 1st Rounder) and Brandon Knight. All whilst they had Brandon Knight already on the roster (E.Bledsoe).

    Their inept handling of the Dragic situation probably set in motion their gruesome deadline deals, so I’ll point to that as the WORST of the year.

    2. The 2nd most egregious would be Sacto sending all those future 1st round draft rights (swaps in ’16 and ’17) AND a future 1st…for cap space. #MindBoggling.

    3. It was a minor deal, but one that made no sense then and less sense now, was the Bucks sending a 1st rounder for Greivis Vasquez. Asset-wasting for a team supposedly playing for the future.

    • I agree the Knight move was a knee-jerk move but Knight is a much better fit eith Bledsoe as he’s the best shooter of the four (Bledsoe, Knight, Dragic and Thomas) and doesn’t necessarily need the ball in his hands to operate (whereas Dragic and Thomas do).
      The Bucks are not playing strictly for the future, considering their surprising success last year and signing of Greg Monroe. While giving up a first rounder is a lot for Vasquez, making a move for a solid backup point guard when their current starter was an uninspiring Michael Carter-Williams isn’t a terrible move.

  3. mathiasak04182000

    The Bucks trading Brandon Knight. Ever since the Bucks traded him, MCW has been underwhelming and the team as a whole has been struggling and lacking a true point guard. Knight has been performing better than all of the Bucks point guards despite his team not performing well.

  4. sounds like a billy king move, D Will, should have moved on, but billy maxed him out, to stay in a city he didn’t want or belong in…..
    how long until A. Davis throws in the towel?


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