Reader Power Rankings: Midseason Update

Prior to the start of the 2015/16 season, we at Hoops Rumors asked our readers to predict how each team would rank by regular season record in a series of polls. While these polls were not necessarily scientific, nor legally binding, with the All-Star break upon us we thought it would be amusing to see just how well our readers can predict the future. Listed below, in descending order, are the 2015/16 preseason power rankings along with each team’s record for comparison’s sake. Feel free to take to the comments section to brag about what you got right, as well as to own up to what you got wrong. Enjoy!

  1. Cavaliers: 38-14
  2. Warriors: 48-4
  3. Spurs: 45-8
  4. Thunder: 40-14
  5. Clippers: 35-18
  6. Rockets: 27-28
  7. Grizzlies: 31-22
  8. Bulls: 27-25
  9. Hawks: 31-24
  10. Wizards: 23-28
  11. Heat: 29-24
  12. Raptors: 35-17
  13. Pelicans: 20-33
  14. Bucks: 22-32
  15. Mavericks: 29-26
  16. Pacers: 28-25
  17. Celtics: 32-23
  18. Suns: 14-40
  19. Jazz: 26-26
  20. Hornets: 27-26
  21. Kings: 22-31
  22. Pistons: 28-25
  23. Magic: 23-29
  24. Trail Blazers: 27-27
  25. Timberwolves: 17-37
  26. Nets: 14-40
  27. Lakers: 11-44
  28. Nuggets: 22-32
  29. Knicks: 23-32
  30. 76ers: 8-45
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9 thoughts on “Reader Power Rankings: Midseason Update

  1. json-api

    What moron would place the Cavs over the Warriors?? It is amazing how the “East Coast” ignorance can cloud acknowledging the best team by far in the NBA…..

  2. JoeyPankake

    Warriors are on another planet. Cavs scrambling to ad Carmelo mid season after they already fired their coach. Great job, east coast odds makers.

  3. Raptors middle of the pack? Second in the suprisingly competitive east…. probly will blow it in the playoffs, but deserve better ranking.

  4. Steve in Chicago

    To their credit, Nix and Nuggs have done far better than expected. And how bout them Blazers? Obviously Rockets Bulls and Wiz have sadly disappointed.

  5. The readers highly missed out on the Celtics, who have gone way past expectations

  6. Shawn

    This is ridiculous anyone who puts the Cavs ahead of the Warriors either doesnt know anything about basketball or has some type of interest in the Cavs. Nobody with even the slightest bit of basketball knowledge can deduce JUST from stats that GS is better, if you watch them, then you know for a fact they’re better. More LBJ bias, makes me dislike him even more.

    • captaincorrea

      These were predicted months ago people learn to read

  7. captaincorrea

    Everyone complaining realizes this was PRESEASON predictions right? Not today but months ago. Learn to read the article before crying


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