Community Shootaround: Top Executive

On Monday, the NBA announced that Spurs GM R.C. Buford won the Executive of the Year award. It was the second time in three years that Buford has come away with the honor, for which fellow team executives vote. Trail Blazers GM Neil Olshey finished a close second, beating Buford in first-place votes 10-9 but falling short in the balloting system that gives five points for every first-place vote, three points for second-place votes and one point for third-place votes.

Listed below is how each vote-getter ranked, with first-place votes noted where applicable:

1. R.C. Buford (Spurs) — 9
2. Neil Olshey (Trail Blazers) — 10
3. Bob Myers (Warriors) — 5
4. Masai Ujiri (Raptors) — 2
5. Rich Cho (Hornets) — 1
6. Danny Ainge (Celtics) — 1
7. David Griffin (Cavaliers)
8(tie). Stan Van Gundy (Pistons)
8(tie). Pat Riley (Heat)
10(tie). Sam Presti (Thunder) — 1
10(tie). Sam Hinkie (Sixers)
12(tie). Wes Wilcox (Hawks)
12(tie). John Hammond (Bucks)
12(tie). Dennis Lindsey (Jazz)

Today’s topic is a straightforward one: Who deserved to win the NBA’s Executive of the Year award for 2015/16?

Did the executives around the league get it right with their selection of Buford? Or is there another candidate whom you strongly believe should have gotten the nod, and if so, why? Take to the comments section to share with us your thoughts and opinions on the subject. We look forward to what you have to say.

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5 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Top Executive

  1. Grant Weddle

    Outside of the West and Aldridge pickups and the surprise play of Boban the Spurs rotation was almost completely the same team. On the other hand the Blazers had to replace 4 starters as well as fix one of the worst benches in the league and Olshey did a marvelous job at finding the pieces to succeed at this. Olshey was robbed

  2. Because of the culture and consistency the Spurs have built, R.C Buford should win every single year.

    But for the same reason Gregg Popovich (and Phil Jackson in the past) didn’t win Coach of the Year every single year, this award has become a recognition of making large strides from one year to the next. Buford did capitalize on what he built by signing Aldridge, but Neil Olshey built an entirely new foundation. He reframed an entire team around a star, his past draft picks paid off, and he built a new culture around a team.

    So in the context of what this award has become, Olshey should’ve won. In the context of what makes a great executive, Buford (and Myers close behind) was an easy choice.

  3. Strauss

    I wonder why I didn’t see GARPAX from the Bulls on this list? Oh that’s right, they sucked this year! Thanks boys.


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