Poll: 2016 Community Mock Draft (Pick No. 7)

The 2016 NBA Draft lottery was held on Tuesday night and the Sixers finally landed the elusive No. 1 overall pick after missing out the past two seasons. Now that the exact draft order is locked in, teams can begin targeting specific players who are likely to still be on the board when it is their time to choose. Drafting players is far from an exact science, and many a GM has been second-guessed for his draft night decisions. I’m willing to bet that every team executive has at least one pick that he would like a mulligan for. We at Hoops Rumors thought it would be fun to give our readers the chance to predict the results of this June’s draft, which is what we intend to do with a series of polls.

The Pelicans’ choice came right down to the wire, with Kris Dunn narrowly edging out Jamal Murray. Nearing the lottery’s halfway point, we’ll continue on with the Nuggets, whose roster is relatively set for next season. Readers, you are now on the clock! Cast your vote for Denver’s pick and check back Friday for the results, as well as to cast your vote for who the Kings will select with the No. 8 overall pick. But don’t limit yourself to a simple button click. Take to the comments section below and share your thoughts on the No. 7 overall pick and why you voted the way that you did.

Previous Selections

  1. Sixers — Ben Simmons (LSU)
  2. Lakers — Brandon Ingram (Duke)
  3. Celtics — Dragan Bender (Maccabi Tel Aviv)
  4. Suns — Jaylen Brown (California)
  5. Timberwolves — Buddy Hield (Oklahoma)
  6. Pelicans — Kris Dunn (Providence)
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7 thoughts on “Poll: 2016 Community Mock Draft (Pick No. 7)

    • Arthur Hill

      I expect Murray to be drafted before Hield or Dunn. The Nuggets will be very lucky if he falls this far.

  1. wbaldy

    If Murray falls this far they should absolutely take him. It’s still worth taking a look at PF prospects but it definitely seems insane to pass up on a scorer like Murray.

  2. gwade


    I don’t think Murray is a fit here, with Mudiay it would push Murray to 2 Guard where I don’t think he would have the size to play consistently. They have a no immediate need and can wait on Chriss to develop.

    • I agree with you on the Murray part. The Nuggets have no immediate hole to fill and Murray would either be an undersized 2 guard or the backup point guard. They could just wait on Chriss to develop, but they also don’t have a need for a big. I see them going with a project type of player here or maybe they reach on Valentine.


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