Hoops Links: Raptors, Rockets, Sixers

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2 thoughts on “Hoops Links: Raptors, Rockets, Sixers

  1. DannyQ3913

    It’s not that we want Okafor traded, it’s if we had our choice it’s Noel over Okafor

  2. Ravens_Last_Place

    BOS desperately wanted Okafor last year. Offer him to BOS for their #3 overall pick. Nothing less. If they say no, move on and trade him either during the season or next offseason.

    A very good argument could be made that Okafor is worth the #3 overall and more. This would be a very, very fair deal for both sides. If I were the Sixers, I would say give me the #3 overall this year and throw in Marcus Smart too.


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