NBA Depth Charts At Roster Resource

In case you missed the big announcement from last week, Trade Rumors has purchased Roster Resource. What does this mean for our NBA coverage here at Hoops Rumors?

For starters, our updated NBA Depth Charts at Roster Resource will serve as an extension of Hoops Rumors, accurately portraying depth charts and roster information based on the latest news around the league. If Hoops Rumors reports on a transaction that affects a roster or a rumor that might affect a roster, you can bet that Roster Resource will be able to show you what that looks like “on paper” within minutes.

As of now, these depth charts include separate sections for Projected Starters, Projected Bench, Free Agents with a 2016/17 option, Restricted Free Agents, Unrestricted Free Agents, Draft Rights Retained, Free Agent Rights Retained, Projected Payroll, Estimated Max Cap Space and Transactions. In addition to basic player information, you can also view how a player was acquired by their current team, draft information (team, round, pick), 2016/17 salary and any cap holds.

While these depth charts should already give you a pretty good idea of the state of each team, we do have improvements planned and would love your feedback, whether through comments on this post, replies on Twitter, or messages through our contact form.

Enjoy the offseason!

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