2016/17 NBA Rosters/Depth Charts

In case you missed the big announcement in June, Trade Rumors purchased Roster Resource to help us provide you with the most up-to-date info possible. Our updated NBA Depth Charts at Roster Resource will serve as an extension of Hoops Rumors, accurately portraying depth charts and roster information based on the latest news around the league. If Hoops Rumors reports on a transaction that affects a roster or a rumor that might affect a roster, you can bet that Roster Resource will be able to show you what that looks like “on paper” within minutes.

As of now, these depth charts include separate sections for Projected Starters, Projected Bench, Free Agents with a 2016/17 option, Restricted Free Agents, Unrestricted Free Agents, Draft Rights Retained, Free Agent Rights Retained, Projected Payroll, Estimated Max Cap Space and Transactions. In addition to basic player information, you can also view how a player was acquired by their current team, draft information (team, round, pick), 2016/17 salary and any cap holds.

While these depth charts should already give you a pretty good idea of the state of each team, we do have improvements planned and would love your feedback, whether through comments on this post, replies on Twitter, or messages through our contact form.

Listed below, separated by Conference and Division, are the direct links to each team’s page at Roster Resource. Simply click on the desired team name and you’ll be taken to the corresponding page:


Atlantic Division

Central Division

Southeast Division


Northwest Division

Pacific Division

Southwest Division

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7 thoughts on “2016/17 NBA Rosters/Depth Charts

  1. Grant Weddle

    I love the layout but it would be nice if it didn’t open a new tab everytime I changed teams on the mobile version. Also I am curious how the Suns backcourt with bled, knight, booker dudley warren and tucker will look. Will they slide a SF to PF and go small ball or start a rookie and have a stacked bench.

    • Dionis

      They have to move Bledsoe or Knight. Booker will Get torched at SF. Chriss will be starting mid season.

  2. Think their servers are down. Isn’t working for me. hawks Page and i’m on Chrome

  3. Ryan Brubaker

    I really like this feature guys, much appreciated. Its always nice to see how much depth certain teams have at certain positions. Maybe future it could include salary situation as well? Just a thought, but thanks for the new depth chart feature!

  4. reg grn

    According to their depth chart on here,the 6ers are going the opposite of small ball…Noel-Okafor-Simmons-Grant-Bayless….I can see the frontcourt actually looking like that,but Grant at the 2? I don’t see it with Henderson and Luwawu on the team.especially with that frontcourt,gonna need another shooter in that lineup besides Bayless.

  5. gstamp

    The Raptors roster has Sullinger listed twice and no Patrick Patterson. Also, the Raptors signed Fred VanVleet to a 3 year non-guaranteed deal yesterday.


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