Western Conference Salary Rankings: Point Guards

Hoops Rumors is in the process of ranking the salaries, separated by conference, for each NBA player by position. The first spot on the hardwood that I’ll be looking at is the Western Conference’s point guards, which is one of the most vital positions on the hardwood.

All told, the teams out west have committed a total of $314,940,435 in cap hits this season to the men who facilitate their offenses. The average conference salary for the one spot this season is a respectable $5,525,271, with Mike Conley and Russell Westbrook topping the list with a whopping $26,540,100 to account for on their year-end W-2 forms.

It should be noted that teams won’t necessarily pay out every dollar listed here. There are quite a few players who have non-guaranteed or partially guaranteed contracts. Some of those players won’t make it out of the preseason, while others will be sweating it out until January 10th, 2017. That’s when teams must waive players with no specific guarantee date written into their contracts to avoid having to guarantee their salaries for the rest of the season. In addition, incentive clauses that a player either triggers or fails to meet can leave a player with more or less money than his cap hit reflects. Still, the purpose of this list is to show the relative pay scale by position, which is why all contracts are included in this post.

I should also add that not every player listed below will play at the one spot this season, as some are combo guards, while others may be used exclusively at shooting guard. To maintain uniformity, I used their positions listed on the teams’ official rosters to determine which positional list to include them on. So if you see a player who isn’t necessarily expected to play point guard for his team this season listed below, that’s why.

The Western Conference’s point guards are listed below, in descending order of salary:

  1. Mike Conley [Grizzlies] — $26,540,100
  2. Russell Westbrook [Thunder] —$26,540,100
  3. Damian Lillard [Blazers] —$24,328,425
  4. Chris Paul [Clippers] —$22,868,827
  5. Tony Parker [Spurs] —$14,445,313
  6. Eric Bledsoe [Suns] —$14,000,000
  7. Ricky Rubio [Wolves] —$13,550,000
  8. Brandon Knight [Suns] —$12,606,250
  9. Jordan Clarkson [Lakers] —$12,500,000
  10. Stephen Curry [Warriors]$12,112,359
  11. Jrue Holiday [Pelicans] —$11,286,518
  12. Austin Rivers [Clippers] —$11,000,000
  13. Deron Williams [Mavs] — $9,000,000
  14. George Hill [Jazz] —$8,000,000
  15. Jose Calderon [Lakers] —$7,708,427
  16. Patrick Beverley [Rockets] —$6,000,000
  17. Shaun Livingston [Warriors] — $5,782,450
  18. D’Angelo Russell [Lakers] —$5,332,800
  19. Darren Collison [Kings] —$5,229,454
  20. Jameer Nelson [Nuggets] — $4,540,525
  21. Devin Harris [Mavs] — $4,227,996
  22. J.J. Barea [Mavs] — $4,096,950
  23. Dante Exum [Jazz] —$3,940,320
  24. Kris Dunn [Wolves] —$3,872,520
  25. Patty Mills [Spurs] —$3,578,948
  26. Emmanuel Mudiay [Nuggets] — $3,241,800
  27. Ronnie Price [Thunder] —$2,557,545
  28. Shelvin Mack [Jazz] —$2,433,334
  29. Zach LaVine [Wolves] —$2,240,880
  30. Cameron Payne [Thunder] —$2,112,480
  31. Tim Frazier [Pelicans] —$2,090,000
  32. Jordan Farmar [Kings] — $1,921,519 *See note below
  33. Wade Baldwin [Grizzlies] — $1,793,760
  34. Tyler Ennis [Rockets] —$1,733,880
  35. Raymond Felton [Clippers] — $1,551,659
  36. Marcelo Huertas [Lakers] —$1,500,000
  37. John Lucas III [Wolves] — $1,403,611
  38. Shabazz Napier [Blazers] —$1,350,120
  39. Tyus Jones [Wolves] —$1,339,680
  40. Ty Lawson [Kings] — $1,315,448
  41. Dejounte Murray [Spurs] —$1,180,080
  42. Pablo Prigioni [Rockets] — $1,050,961
  43. Tony Wroten [Grizzlies] — $1,050,961
  44. Bobby Brown [Rockets] —$980,431
  45. Nate Wolters [Nuggets] — $980,431
  46. Andrew Harrison [Grizzlies] — $945,000
  47. Raul Neto [Jazz] —$937,800
  48. Tyler Ulis [Suns] —$918,369
  49. Xavier Munford [Clippers] — $874,636
  50. Ryan Arcidiacono [Spurs] —$543,471
  51. Semaj Christon [Thunder] —$543,471
  52. Isaiah Cousins [Kings] —$543,471
  53. Jonathan Gibson [Mavs] — $543,471
  54. Patrick McCaw [Warriors] — $543,471
  55. Marcus Paige [Jazz]—$543,471
  56. Gary Payton II [Rockets] —$543,471
  57. Isaiah Taylor [Rockets] — $543,471

*Note: Farmar’s salary total includes the $1,410,598 he is being paid by Memphis, plus the $510,921 he is collecting from Clippers, who waived him via stretch provision.

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