Community Shootaround: Potential CBA Changes

Following the Clippers’ game in Sacramento on Tuesday night, NBPA president Chris Paul caught a flight to New York to participate in Wednesday’s meeting between the league and the players’ union, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein (via Twitter). The sitdown was the latest indication that the two sides are making progress on negotiations for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

There’s plenty of optimism that the NBA and NBPA will strike a deal well before the opt-out deadline of December 15, and while we don’t know exactly what changes will be made to the CBA, we’ve gotten some hints. We’re not expecting any massive, game-changing alterations to the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, but it seems as if plenty of smaller changes will be implemented to attempt to improve the game.

The league’s rookie scale system is expected to be adjusted so that it aligns more with salary cap increases, rather than increasing at a fixed rate. Veteran contract extensions are expected to be tweaked to make them more appealing to players, giving teams a better chance to lock up potential free agents before they reach the open market. The NBA’s draft and D-League are among the other areas expected to receive attention in CBA talks.

As Howard Beck details in a piece this week at Bleacher Report, the NBA also hopes to include a mechanism in the new CBA to prevent another massive spike in the salary cap, since this year’s $24MM+ increase was viewed as problematic. According to Beck, some team executive believe a new CBA might also adjust the maximum salary concept, making it a little harder for clubs to collect multiple superstars.

For today’s Community Shootaround, we’re asking this: What one change would you like to see the NBA and NBPA make to the CBA? Do you consider it crucial to address one of the areas mentioned above, or is there another are you believe the two sides should be focused on?

Weigh in below in the comments section with your thoughts on the subject, and feel free to get creative in your answers. Got an off-the-wall idea for NBA draft lottery reform or a new-look salary cap? Share it below, even if it’s unlikely to be implemented in the next CBA.

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5 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Potential CBA Changes

  1. The minimum contract should be @ least 2 – 2.5 million a year . The salary cap is up a lot .

    • jacobsigel1025

      There should be a draft lottery consisting of all 30 teams and not just the worst 14 teams

      • Raiders32

        Maybe 2 lotteries…
        One for non playoff teams
        Selections 1-14
        Second for playoff teams
        15-30 picks

  2. Jacob Resnick

    Make D-Leaguers sign contracts with their individual teams, if the team is a direct affiliate with an NBA org. Then allow trading of those D-League contracts between NBA teams.

  3. CPopp

    Increase roster size. Add 2-3 “two-way” contracts, allowing teams to shuffle younger players to and from the D-league. Would encourage players to eschew international opportunities, as the salary would be higher than the current D-league format.


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