Community Shootaround: How Far Can The Wizards Go?

It’s no small task for the Wizards to have compiled a 26-20 record, sitting on the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference, after getting off to a 2-8 start in 2016/17. Who would have thought that the Wizards – who were called out by John Wall earlier this year for showing a lack of effort – would have the confidence to “bury” the Celtics in a rivalry game?

Now riding a 14-game home winning streak, the Wizards find themselves in position to go on a playoff run. Wall, who has posted a career-best 23.1 points per game on 46.4% shooting, was not shy when asked about the team’s ceiling.

“I see ourselves getting to the Eastern Conference Finals. That’s our goal,” Wall told TNT’s “Inside The NBA” panel on Thursday. “We just figured it out. We all looked ourselves in the mirror and said we all got to do better individually. Our coach held us accountable, and when I lock in on the defensive end, everyone else follows my lead.”

The Wizards have received contributions beyond Wall. Bradley Beal‘s 21.9 points per game are a career-high, and Otto Porter has blossomed into one of the game’s premier long distance shooters (45.6% from beyond the arc).

Friday’s victory was indicative off Washington’s recent progress, as the team earned a 112-86 win over the Hawks, having led by as much as 30 points. What we want to know…

How far can the Wizards go in 2016/17? Are the Eastern Conference Finals far-fetched? Can they surpass Boston or Toronto in the standings? Should they add additional pieces at the trade deadline?

Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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7 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: How Far Can The Wizards Go?

  1. Nigel

    No way they’re are not beating the Cavs. Although I have to give my man John wall his props. He and Bradley Beal are killing it in the east right and have been looking really impressive this second half of the season going into the all star break. Oh so Can’t forget what otter porter have he’s shooting the ball with confidence . Theirm emerging as Easter conference contenders.

  2. GK777

    If they had a stronger bench they would be even more dangerous. Really fun team to watch and their backcourt is top notch

  3. Jason Bitzegaio

    I don’t know right now if the Wizards are good enough to challenge the top teams come the playoffs. But, I do think if they make a deal to get some more bench depth, maybe improve the rotation a little, they have a real shot to make noise.

    But this is the only year I think they have to make noise, Otto Porter will be in high demand as a free agent. One I think Sacramento probably would look at as a replacement for Rudy Gay. I know that decision is several months away, but worth noting because right now, the Wizards have a window this year, but not much known how the team will look if/when Porter leaves going into next season.

    So, if they want a chance to win one this year, a trade has to happen to get better and dealer as a team. They have Beal, Wall and Porter as a big 3, but need some help beyond them.

    Honestly, not even sure who makes sense for them. Because a situation like the Bulls….while a DWade could be a hell of a player to add….not sure financially…. Or in what they would have to give up in return, would make them better. Rondo and Butler make zero sense for them… maybe Denver or Minnesota might have something? Sacramento? Not sure.

    The Knicks? Nope. Nets?…maybe…but part of me even has trouble remembering that they have a team at times, lol. (I am kidding, but they haven’t been relevant in a long while).

  4. mcconaugheyslincoln

    Not beating the Cavs who will certainly add another piece.

    Can they beat the Raptors? Maybe but doubtful with Toronto holding home court advantage. Toronto is still working with a lot of kids and outside of Dero and Kyle there is a lot of Inconsistency. And even then. I don’t see Washington’s D being able to shut them down.

    To make the second round they have to finish top half. They wot beat the Celtics either.

  5. Brendan

    ECF. Won’t beat the Cavs I wouldn’t think but they can beat anyone else.

  6. Wizardsfan

    The Wizards, right now, are the best team in the Eastern Conference period. Some of you may laugh at this statement but in a couple of weeks you will know that I am right. This past week alone they beat 2 teams in front of them CONVINCINGLY. They are still getting better. They play the Cavs in DC in about a week. They will win by at least 10. I’m waiting to see how we do against the Warriors.


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