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Earlier in the week, LeBron James publicly called for the Cavaliers to add a playmaker with intention of applying pressure to the team’s decision-makers. A team source told Dave McMenamin of  that GM David Griffin was disappointed in the manner in which James shared his thoughts.

Griffin intends on sticking to the plan he’s had in place for the several months to add a backup point guard or playmaker and he won’t speed up the search for outside help simply because James made a few comments, McMenamin adds. James and Griffin had a one-on-one meeting earlier today to discuss the star’s comments.

After the meeting, Griffin spoke with the local media, as Brian Dulik of the Medina Gazette passes along in a series of Twitter links.

Griffin said that James’ comments were not “appropriate from a teammate perspective,” and added that the comment about the Cavs being complacent is “really misguided.” 

“We’re all frustrated, I get the sentiment,” Griffin said. “I think [LeBron and I] needed it [to talk]. I’m happy.”

Cleveland currently has the largest payroll in league history, but the team is open to adding more salary to win another championship. “We can absolutely increase payroll if it’s the right piece at the right time,” Griffin said before adding that the team has enough talent to go back-to-back. “If we were 100 percent healthy, I feel good about our chances in any [playoff] series.”

Coach Tyronn Lue believes the Cavs can repeat with the players currently on the roster. “We have enough on this team to win a championship,” Lue said earlier today.

A team source told McMenamin that there was disbelief within the front office that James would question the team’s commitment, given its historical payroll. However, another source within the front office told the scribe that the timing of the comments was “brilliant,” as the lashing out could be seen as a motivational tactic designed to get the team back on track.

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5 thoughts on “Latest On Cavs, LeBron, David Griffin

  1. Nigel

    No I would rather have Ricky Rubio or Deron Willams.

  2. Supercollider

    James’s comments were designed to blame the front office and protect James if/when the Cavs lose.

  3. Z-A

    The only move that the Cavs have is to trade Shumpert to a team that is out of it this year, but would value Shumpert the next few years. Sixers, Minnesota, Sacramento, Mavs, Magic, Nets

    Sixers: Ersan + Stauskas or Sergio + Stauskas for Shumpert & Chris Anderson

    Minn: Rubio for Shumpert, Anderson, McRae

    Kings: Collison + Casspi for Shumpert + Anderson

    Mavs: Bogut + Curry for Shumpert + Anderson + McRae

    Magic: Payton + Hezonja for Shumpert

    Nets: Kilpatrick for Shumpert

    • cahern13

      The Cavs are not trading Shumpert first and foremost, but they absolutely wouldn’t trade him for Rubio or Kilpatrick


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