DeMarcus Cousins Talks Trade, Kings, Davis

In his introductory press conference today, new Pelicans center DeMarcus Cousins told reporters that he still hasn’t spoken to anyone from the Kings since the trade sending him to New Orleans was made (Twitter link). According to Cousins, Sacramento general manager Vlade Divac attempted to call Cousins after the deal was finalized, but Cousins said “it’s done” (Twitter link via Justin Verrier of

As Cousins explained to the media today, the hardest part about being traded was the “dishonesty” with which the Kings operated (Twitter link via Verrier). Sacramento had vowed multiple times, both publicly and privately, that Cousins wouldn’t be going anywhere this season, and it’s rare for a team to make that sort of promise to a player, then do an abrupt about-face.

Still, Cousins said today that he’s “all-in” on the Pelicans, though he wouldn’t yet comment on the possibility of signing an extension with the team (Twitter link via Ben Golliver of Cousins is technically eligible to sign an extension now, though he could get more years and dollars beginning in July, when the new CBA goes into effect. Of course, by changing teams, he’ll miss out on an opportunity to sign a designated veteran extension with Sacramento, reducing his maximum possible earnings by about $30MM.

Cousins, who referred to himself and Anthony Davis as a “fire and ice” combination, said that he tried to sell the former No. 1 overall pick on Sacramento earlier this month when the Kings played the Pelicans (Twitter link via Golliver). Davis returned the favor, sending a text that said “I really want you to come to New Orleans” before the two teams agreed to a trade on Sunday night, Cousins confirmed today (Twitter link).

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8 thoughts on “DeMarcus Cousins Talks Trade, Kings, Davis

  1. Matthew Madsen

    His bad attitude and lazy play cost him 30 mill. Clearly he’s still a very rich man but hope he takes the opportunity to grow in maturity. As dominate as he is, he could be more.

  2. There’s been so many players in the league that have caused trouble, piled up unnecessary technicals, gotten arrested, bad citizens, etc, but most of them are loved by their teammates. Matt Barnes, Rasheed Wallace, Draymond Green….. But this guy cousins wow even his teammates and coaches don’t like him. Very bad apple. Good luck to Good Guys Anthony Davis and Alvin Gentry. I think they’re going to have a very tough time with him after the 6-month honeymoon is over. Anybody can be good for 6 months.

  3. Conman

    You guys apparently don’t watch basketball. Lazy play? yeah he gets to heated on the court. Yeah he gets too many T’s. But he’s been no trouble off the court and he’s balled out on it. I’ll take a chance on that kinda lazy anytime. He’s the best center in the league and the Pelicans got him for nothing.

      • Conman

        Person of interest (along with Matt Barnes)- cleared of all charges. Not arrested or prosecuted. Good try tho. Bad judgement? Maybe so. But again the Pelicans gave up nothing. Not a player available in upcoming draft even close.

  4. Bryan

    I’m a Kings fan and have always said that Cousins needs to be in a situation where he doesn’t need to be the face of the franchise. I think this situation will work out for him and the Pels well. I don’t know if the technicals will ever stop, though.

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