Eastern Notes: Bulls, Celtics, Hawks, Raptors

According to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer, the Bulls‘ four primary decision-makers aren’t necessarily on the same page when it comes to how to approach the Jimmy Butler situation. Per O’Connor, GM Gar Forman is “comfortable with the status quo,” and owner Jerry Reinsdorf and president Michael Reinsdorf prefer to hang onto Butler. However, vice president of basketball operations John Paxson “sees the writing on the wall,” per one executive, and would be more open to a rebuild.

As we wait to see which direction the Bulls opt for on Thursday, let’s check out a few more notes from around the Eastern Conference…

  • As we’ve heard all season, the Celtics remain reluctant to cash in their assets for anything short of a star player. If Boston doesn’t get an offer it likes, the team may be satisfied to hang onto both Nets picks and embark on “a longer-term (but potentially more lasting) build,” writes Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald.
  • After playing out two 10-day contracts with the Hawks, Lamar Patterson has returned to the D-League’s Reno Bighorns, tweets Chris Reichert of The Step Back. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Patterson won’t return to Atlanta or another NBA club at some point this season, but many free agents are in a holding pattern until after the trade deadline passes.
  • Speaking of those Hawks, head coach and president of basketball operations Mike Budenholzer says he wants to balance the club’s short- and long-term interests as Atlanta explores deadline deals, per Chris Vivlamore of The Atlanta Journal Constitution. Although Budenholzer says he’d be happy with his roster even if the team stands pat, Vivlamore hears that the Hawks have been “very active as buyers” as they explore possible moves.
  • Ryan Wolstat of the Postmedia Network poses – and attempts to answer – a handful of burning Raptors questions, including whether Masai Ujiri has another trade up his sleeve before Thursday’s deadline.
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12 thoughts on “Eastern Notes: Bulls, Celtics, Hawks, Raptors

  1. josc2

    Nothing works more efficiently than a front office divided. Bulls have had too many cooks in the kitchen for a while.

    • Yes, four guys in the decision-making process? That’s too much. Not even a tie breaker guy.

      • Reflect

        Agreed. And the owner shouldn’t be in there. He’s an owner. Just cause he had the money to own a team doesn’t mean he’s qualified to make decisions on its behalf.

        • Yes, every owner should have the final say over franchise changing trades. Look at Reinsdorf with the White Sox. You think he let Rick Hahn trade Chris Sale without running it by him first? Get real

    • GuruGray

      If 4 decision makers is too much then the Warriors must be one of the worst teams in the league

      • ColoredPaper

        But the Warrios are ran well. The Bulls, however, are not. A meddling front office has led to the downfall of this franchise. I mean, it’s no Kings or Knicks, but definitely hasn’t been a great franchise the last few years, even with Butler in tow.

        I definitely think they should make a change, much like the Lakers finally did.

    • Strauss

      What else is new with the Bulls. Dysfunctional group that can’t make any good decisions! They are a mess. Fire the entire front office and start over now.

  2. KCelts

    Ainge is playing this very smart. Basically, he has the assets, but it’s about timing and value. If the value isn’t out there for the draft picks and/or young prospects, it isn’t worth moving them right now.

  3. toby312

    GARPAX of team HOTMESS couldn’t find their asses with both hands!!!:)

  4. Steve in Chicago

    ‘John Paxson “sees the writing on the wall,” per one executive’ — uh, named JOHN PAXSON. Who else would be leaking on this, especially using a phrase like ‘writing on the wall’?

    Jeez, these guys are just hapless, they can’t make a decision because they have no idea what they want this team to be. I, for one, am not re-upping for tickets next season, this is a terrible team to watch, and it was not only hard to find people to go to games this year, but difficult to even sell tickets.

    I am going to switch to being a Celtics fan.

  5. I heard on 103.7 weei this morning a reporter close to Danny ainge says the bulls want Crowder and a Brooklyn pick for butler and strangely enough, Crowder is the deal breaker. It is also said the Celtics have interest in a similar olayer to Crowder in PJ Tucker. So I was thinking, perhaps they could acquire Tucker in order to deal Crowder in a deal for butler.

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