Pacific Notes: Warriors, Durant, Kings

The Warriors don’t anticipate adding a big man via the buyout market, Anthony Slater of the Bay Area News Group passes along via Twitter. Coach Steve Kerr said he likes how the current roster is constructed and doesn’t want to end up having too many frontcourt players on the team.

Here’s more from the Pacific Division:

  • Kevin Durant wants to be a GM or an owner of an NBA team once his playing career is over, Slater relays in a full-length piece“ [I] Want to be a GM, want to own a team, hopefully own a team and run it,” Durant said. “So I look to see what rumors are getting out there, what deals are being presented to these teams. Try to figure that stuff out. It’s fun, especially for a guy who knows that part of the business.” Durant added that he regularly talks front office strategy with Kerr and Warriors GM Bob Myers.
  • Garrett Temple injured his hamstring earlier in the month, but he’s progressing and he hopes to be back on the floor for the Kings in a week or two, Sean Cunningham of ABC10 tweets.
  • The Kings have a history of trading away their All-Star players, Jon Schultz of the Sacramento Bee writes. The team has had six All-Stars since moving to Sacramento in 1985 and with the exception of Vlade Divac, all of the players were sent elsewhere via trade.
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4 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Warriors, Durant, Kings

  1. Formerlyz

    I know why they like Briante, and I’ve seen him a lot, as a heat fan, in the last 2 years, and really like him as well. That being said, I understand the thought they could use him or another guard/wing.

    Still, its so obvious that they should sign Bogut, now that they can. I’d literally get rid of Zaza or Looney for him as well, to be honest. Zaza would probably be salty, but who cares? And though he still has some potential and is still young, I don’t see anyone signing Looney. He’d likely end up in the d-league, where he needs more time b/c of his injuries and position change. We’re talking about trying to win a championship right now. Only thing I’d be wary of is Bogut staying healthy, but that’s why they have the better depth there now…I think GS still needs another big, and Bogut is too obvious not to sign him.

    Other interesting options for Bogut are obviously Boston, Houston, the Cavs, and Milwaukee, but GS needs to get on that when he gets bought out

    • JT19

      I could see someone claiming Looney, assuming he’s waived, just because of his potential. And worst case scenario, as you pointed out, they waive him and try to stash him on the D-League roster. Zaza and Bogut are basically the same player though, with Bogut getting the slight edge because of his better passing. However, come playoff time, Bogut is going to almost be a nonfactor for them if the Warriors aren’t forced to play big. As in, if the Warriors can get their way, they’d probably rather throw Curry-Klay-Iguodala-Durant-Green out there as their main 5. Not saying they shouldn’t try to sign Bogut though, they should, especially if Cleveland is trying to sign him. But I think them going after a guard is more about them trying to save Curry/Klay/Durant’s legs for the playoffs.

  2. JacksonM_15

    Kevin Durant became my assistant gm in 2k and we just finished of a 3-peat so he’s gotta be good, right? Right?


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