Hoops Links: Fultz, Wolves, Noah, Heat

On Sundays, we link to some of the very best work from around the basketball blogosphere. Do you have a link to a great basketball blog post – either your own or someone else’s – that you want to see featured on Hoops Rumors? Send it to us at HoopsLinks@gmail.com. Here’s this week’s rundown:

  • The 76er Files makes a case for the Sixers passing on Markelle Fultz should they land the No. 1 pick.
  • Hoop-Ball examines the Wolves’ season and finds evidence that Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Town are becoming stars in the league.
  • Hoop-Ball also looks at the Knicks and finds one positive from Joakim Noah‘s season.
  • The Jump Ball talks about the Heat‘s chances to make the playoffs as well as the playoff races in both conferences.
  • The Jump Ball also examines how passing has become a crucial skill for the league’s big men.
  • The Sixers Sense takes a look at five players the Sixers should offer the max to in the offseason.
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6 thoughts on “Hoops Links: Fultz, Wolves, Noah, Heat

  1. gmflores27

    That first article was awful never read one this bad in forever

  2. Z-A

    Dear terrible writer from 76er Files,

    25–10 – Anthony Bennett 2013
    31-5 – Hasheem Thabeet 2009
    35-4 – Greg Oden 2007
    29-4 – Adam Morrison 2006
    33-4 – Marvin Williams 2005
    21-12 – Michael Beasley 2010

    College record means nothing in the pros.

    • mad nova

      By this dude’s logic, the Sixers should avoid acquiring James Harden, as well. College losers automatically are NBA losers, amirite?

    • GuruGray

      That article was difficult to read. I like how the writer latched on to the 9-22 record while conveniently ignoring the fact that Washington was 0-6 in games he didn’t play

  3. WolfPack

    Hoop-Ball article crashes app when viewing video.

  4. dust44

    LSU didn’t make the tourney. And we god awful with Simmons so by this dudes logic they shouldn’t of drafted Simmons? If he’s the best player available u take him and team him up with Simmons. The NBA is about how many dudes u have and most teams r chasing the Cavs and Warriors who have dudes. That’s y the Raptors just made a bunch of trades at the deadline to get more dudes to compete with the cavs dudes and also y everyone is obsessed with the Celtics trading picks to bring in better dudes. Wake up


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