Eastern Notes: Cavs, Thomas, George

LeBron James came back to the Cavaliers prior to the 2014/15 season and since then, the King’s team has appeared to be a tight-knit group, as evidenced by the elaborate handshakes which can be witnessed in the pregame. The pregame festivities elicited a response from coach Tyronn Lue, as Dan Feldman of NBC Sports relays.

“I wish we could remember some of the defensive schemes that well,” Lue joked. “Guys come to the side, ‘My bad. I forgot.’ But they remember all this and all that.”

Cleveland’s biggest issues this year are on the defensive end and it’s carried over into the postseason. While the defense does not appear to be championship-caliber, the offense certainly does. The Cavs lead all teams this postseason with an offensive rating of 117.0. As they wait to find out who they will play in the next round, check out some notes from the Eastern Conference:

  • Isaiah Thomas was fined $25K for directing inappropriate language toward a fan, according to NBA.com. The incident occurred in Game 3 of the Celtics‘ series against the Wizards.
  • Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star believes the Pacers have a shot at landing Gordon Hayward if Paul George signs an extension this summer. George’s decision will ultimately dictate which direction the franchise heads in and if the 4-time All-Star sticks around long-term, Indiana could become an attractive free agent destination.
  • Tony Snell will be a restricted free agent this summer and it wouldn’t be surprising if he lands a deal in the $10-12MM range, Tim Bontemps of The Washington Post writes. Snell came to the Bucks in a preseason trade from the Bulls and he’s carved out a substantial role on his new squad.
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11 thoughts on “Eastern Notes: Cavs, Thomas, George

  1. Dionis

    If Hayward and George get together the Cavs have a serious problem in front of them, specially with Turner getting better and better

  2. yoyo137

    That sucks that players get fined so much for saying things back to fans who are saying way more obscene and offensive things to them. Players get paid way less in the playoffs and have to deal with way more aggressive and belligerent fans and end up getting fined damn near half of their whole playoff salary. It’s a pretty embarrassing double standard to let the same people who make the NBA millions of dollars get berated by fans and fine them for protecting themselves.

    • You do realize that the NBA pays players millions because FANS will pay to see them play, right? Fans buy tickets, buy jerseys, buy cable subscriptions to watch games, and advertisers pay big money to get their brands in front of fans’ eyes. Fans make the NBA (and any other pro sports league) by watching and following.

      It’s embarrassing and unprofessional for people who get paid more than most fans will make in ten lifetimes to throw hissy fits like a at the people that pay to see them play a game.

      If you’re playing in the postseason in the highest level of basketball on earth somewhere along the way you ought to have developed some modicum of professionalism in dealing with hecklers.

      • yoyo137

        I don’t know man, fans can cross lines that hecklers should never cross just because they know they can get away with it. I don’t know if you watch baseball but the Red Sox fans saying racist things to Adam Jones is super uncool. People do things like that is because they know nobody will do anything about it. Fans should be able to take what they dish out and if they can trash talk players then players should be able to talk back. Like fans pay players salaries so they can act however they want towards them and be disrespectful and offensive AND get the player fined? Just cause it was their money cause they bought like NBA League pass or something? Fans do crazy stuff like throw beers at players and it really takes a player like Ron Artest to do any sort of thing to discourage people from treating players like animals.


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