Brandon Bass Searches For New Opportunity

Brandon Bass didn’t get as many minutes as he was hoping for during the 2016/17 season with the Clippers, but he believes the lack of playing time allowed him to remain fresh throughout the season and beyond, as he tells Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe.

“I feel better than I did in past years,” said Bass. “Since I didn’t play much last year, I feel even fresher. Once the season was over with, I never stopped training. I’ve shot over 6,000 threes. I’ve taken all those threes just to add on to my game. All I need is an opportunity to what I do.”

Bass, who remains a free agent, insists he’s better than he was during his four-year Celtics stint where he helped the team compete for championship nearly every season. He understands how the new NBA has emphasized the three-point shot. The LSU product has shot just a total of 58 three-pointers—making only 12 of them—from behind the arc in his 12-year career. He’s worked hard to reinvent his game by adding the long-range shot to his arsenal.

“The perception is I’m not better than I was in Boston with the Big Three, and I’m a better player than that today. I added more range. I’m a better defender,” Bass said.

Washburn argues that Bass could become a victim of the NBA’s shrinking middle class. Most teams have already spent their remaining cap space, which could lead Bass to settle for a minimum salary arrangement.

Bass, who sported a 19.7 player efficiency rating in 21.6 minutes per game last season, should be able to contribute as a rotation player on the right team. It’ll be a matter of finding the right fit.

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