Two Cavaliers Trade Exceptions Expire

Two traded player exceptions created by the Cavaliers in last January’s acquisition of Kyle Korver expired this week, as expected. One of those two trade exceptions was already utilized by the Cavs in the offseason, and the amount left on it made it virtually impossible to use again. However, the other one, worth about $4.84MM, wasn’t used at all.

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Despite letting those two trade exceptions expire, the Cavs remain well-stocked with TPEs in the event that they need one to make a deal at next month’s deadline. Most notably, they hold one worth approximately $5.81MM, which will be available until late August.

The following trade exceptions around the NBA will also expire if they’re not used by the February 8 trade deadline:

  • Milwaukee Bucks: $5,000,000
  • New Orleans Pelicans: $3,517,200
  • Chicago Bulls: $1,589,480
  • Dallas Mavericks: $1,514,160
  • Milwaukee Bucks: $1,151,241 (expires on February 2)
  • Cleveland Cavaliers: $980,431
  • Dallas Mavericks: $621,362
  • Washington Wizards: $425,973
  • Portland Trail Blazers: $407,210
  • Toronto Raptors: $328,000

While they won’t expire until sometime in the offseason, the Trail Blazers ($12.97MM), Raptors ($11.8MM), and Clippers ($7.27MM) also have sizable trade exceptions worth keeping an eye on. Still, all three of those clubs have potential luxury tax concerns, so they’re unlikely to take on big salaries at the deadline without sending out any money.

For more information on how trade exceptions work, be sure to check out our glossary entry on the subject.

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3 thoughts on “Two Cavaliers Trade Exceptions Expire

  1. Dont the raptors have a trade exception from the corey joesph deal ?

    • Luke Adams

      They do. It’s not in the list above because it won’t expire if it’s not used at the deadline (I also didn’t mention it in the paragraph on the Blazers, Raptors, and Clippers, since the Raps’ TPE from the Carroll deal is bigger).

  2. x%sure

    Kyle Oquinn would have fit nicely into that now-expired TPE. I’m not sure the Cavs have enough to win the EC. Everyone will be gunning for them


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