Los Angeles Notes: Bryant, Lopez, Rivers, Woodson

Kobe Bryant added an Oscar to his impressive list of accomplishments this year and the retired Lakers legend is enjoying his post-basketball career. However, should any free agents want to speak with him about possibly joining the Lakers, the Black Mamba is available for advice and input, Sam Amick of USA Today Sports writes.

Bryant spoke highly of Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka, who served as Bryant’s agent during his two-decade career. He believes Pelinka and the front office can put forth a formidable team comprised of young talent and season veterans. However, the former NBA Most Valuable Player and five-time NBA champion preached patience.

“You look at the Lakers and the youth and the players that they have, and you’ve just got to be patient and develop these guys,” Bryant said. “I always say it’s about having a patient impatience, where you want to win championships now but you know that’s not going to happen now but you have the determination and the resolve to work and push and learn as if you’re going to be that immediately.” 

Check out more notes involving L.A.s basketball teas:

  • Frank Urbina of HoopsHype looks at four possible destinations for veteran center Brook Lopez as he enters free agency. The Trail Blazers and Bucks are listed along with possible reunions with the Lakers and Nets, as Urbina looks at how Lopez fits on each team.
  • After missing the playoffs, the Clippers enter the offseason with several decisions to make with their roster entering the 2018/19 season, Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times writes. The biggest of them all may be whether or not to retain head coach Doc Rivers.
  • As we noted earlier, Clippers assistant coach Mike Woodson is scheduled to meet with the Knicks next week about the organization’s head coach position.
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9 thoughts on “Los Angeles Notes: Bryant, Lopez, Rivers, Woodson

  1. Dionis

    Don’t see George coming over, I am sold the Lakers are trying to build with Ball,Hart,Ingram,Kuzma, and Randle. George will stay in OKC and Klay will stay in Golden State.

    • Klay is definitely staying in Golden State.

      He realizes his game is not all that. He’s a spot-up shooter and maybe the best in the league. Great defense too.

      But the dribble drive or creating his own shot might be a weakness for him.

      But that’s why he’s great in Oakland. With Steph and the whole team unselfish, including klay, it all works out perfectly.

      16 million bucks plus a shoe deal gives him 20-30. He’s happy.

    • You may be right about George. Suddenly there’s talk of not making a big splash this summer and waiting until the next summer.

      But I still think LeBron is coming, and George plus a third guy.

        • Houston is very beatable, and you’ve got to play the Warriors to win it all either way- if you’re in the west or the East

          • Dionis

            Exactly Lebron and George can’t get past the Warriors. It’s not even because of the star power it’s because Curry is so unstoppable. Curry makes Klay and Durant very hard to stop and.

            • If LeBron stays in Cleveland then it’s better for him because he goes to the finals every year out of the East? Just add a couple guys here and there and be good enough for the east?

              I don’t think he’s happy in Cleveland anymore. He’s done his duty. He came back. His conscience is clear. Time to do him again.

              Sixers or Lakers. And only the Sixers if they go far in the playoffs.

              • Dionis

                I can’t see him leaving Cleveland. If he wants any better then Cleveland then he’s out of his mind. I don’t comprehend him going to join a player in Ben Simmons who might just be the player to threaten his legacy as a player. Ben Simmons is doing things he never did and I am not bashing Lebron in no type of way just saying it would look bad for him to join Simmons. Lakers? No point, he would have to go through a gauntlet and the Sixers and Celtics won’t be easy opponents so his best bet is staying put and have the Cavs draft Trae Young.

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