Community Shootaround: Game 7 Prediction

It seems like Boston has fielded two teams in the postseason. There are the Home Celtics, who have been unbeatable, and the Away Celtics, who can’t beat hardly anyone.

Fortunately for Boston fans, it’s the Home Celtics who will be playing the Cavaliers tomorrow for a spot in the NBA Finals. Boston is 10-0 at the TD Garden during the postseason, but just 1-7 on the road. The Celtics have an offensive rating of 107.7 in their home games, about 10 points higher than away from home.

“I truly believe it’s our fans,” Al Horford explained to Jack McCluskey of The Ringer. “I feel like our guys feed off of them and it really just drives us as a group. … You get on the road and you’re just out there against everybody else. Here, I just think that our guys just feel comfortable and good. It’s a credit to the atmosphere that’s here.”

On the other side is LeBron James, who has been brilliant no matter where he has played. James is averaging close to a triple double with 33.9 points, 8.9 rebounds and 8.8 assists in 17 playoff contests and kept Cleveland alive with a 46/11/9 performance in Friday’s Game 6.

The Cavs will be short-handed for tomorrow’s game with Kevin Love already ruled out because of a concussion. Love has been one of the few reliable scorers alongside James, averaging 13.9 points per game in the postseason.

The edge in playoff experience easily goes to the Cavs, who have been to three straight Finals [eight straight for LeBron], while the Celtics field a young roster with few players who have ever experienced this level of postseason pressure.

There are many things that could decide Game 7, but we want to get your take. Who pulls out what James called one of the best two-word phrases in sports and represents the East in the NBA Finals? Please leave your responses in the comments section below.

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52 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Game 7 Prediction

  1. acarneglia

    Does LeBron James still play for the Cavaliers? Yes? I’ll take the Cavs.

  2. camdenyards46

    I think the Cavs will win, because I will never bet against LeBron James in a Game 7. I saw a poll on Reddit earlier that asked this question: link to

    • gomerhodge71

      Exactly. No way will the NBA go with a Boston-Houston final. Aside from Harden, no marquee names. No marquee names = low advertising dollars

    • yoyo137

      Boston has won like what, 27 championships? The NBA isn’t going to try to keep them out of the Finals. They have a bigger fanbase than the Cavs and would draw the same amount of viewers that LeBron does. The only bias might be that the Celtics players are younger and probably won’t get the same calls as Cavs vets.

  3. sportsfan101

    Pretty sad all the media can focus on is Boston home and away.. look at the cavs this series? Same story can’t win away and can only win at home.. Lebron has so many excuses when there losing away, but when they kill it at home he can get fouled hit the ground like he needs to come out then play 110% but when away it’s all excuses.

    • bobaganoosh5

      Anyone who is saying Cavs win because the nba wants lebron next the finals for ratings is absurd… Celtics draw 10x the amount of fans than the Cavs and as a team draw a bigger fan base than lebron… so if that’s your reason for picking the Cavs you need to rethink your opinion…

      Celtics win game 7!!! Boom

  4. Dionis

    Boston in a blowout, come out for Tatum in this game. I’m expecting 32-33 points from Tatum and Rozier to go off for 25-30 himself. Lebron will leave Cleveland for Portland where CJ and Dame can close out games for him.

    • Kenleyfornia74

      You change your opinion on where Lebron will go to every week.

    • yoyo137

      Dionis they need to give you a tv show like Stephen A. or Skip Bayless, that would be some good television

      • Connorsoxfan

        If anyone hasn’t seen the compilation of Skip Bayless clips where he ends up arguing with himself for a couple minutes it’s worth the watch

  5. suburbanwarren

    I feel it is the Celtics time to win, but I want the Cav’s to win because there is an out side chance 2018 Cav’s could upset the West, but no chance for the Celtics especially missing Kyrie and Heyward! That,s my take! What’s your view!

  6. Gary

    I’m still trying to figure out what the best two word phrase in sports is from LeBron? Read the article 4 times. What did I miss?

    Concerning the game, never bet against LeBron. I think they have enough.

    If the Celtics do pull it out I am a little afraid of them. They play The Warriors so tough… usually winning one of the two games each year lately.

  7. Reflect

    I don’t know which team will win but it will definitely be one of them.

  8. Rony

    The Celtics must be very careful and aware of what is coming. Early foul trouble for key players ( Tatum/Morris), Lebron might pretend an early injury for more favorable calls, JR is suspicious for possible fights to gain an ejection ( Smart/Morris). I really hope for a pure game 7 and the best team to go to the finals.

  9. rap4life

    Do you really think NBA head office is not going to allow Lebron to get to the finals

    • steve dolan

      rap4life, so, who does the NBA head office payoff to throw the game ? All the Celtics players ? And by the way, we really did land on the moon. That wasn’t a conspiracy either.

      • joemoes

        It’s not about throwing the game it’s about the cavs getting every call.

        • steve dolan

          joemoes, so who instructs the refs to cheat, the NBA head office ?

          • joemoes

            It’s not cheating just give James all the calls. Still has to play. It’s a business and good business is Lebron in the finals. Celtics lower the ratings by probably 15-25%

  10. x%sure

    Both teams have played 4 games in 7 days with travel between each one, which benefits the younger team. Cavs had to win g6 despite the refs, so it’s the Celts turn for energy. Rozier is making fantastic shots, Curry-style, can he keep it up? As I said earlier George Hill has to be aggressive & reasonably successful. Jeff Green should not be so aggressive except on shotblocking. Why can’t he work inside. Anyway. CAVS

  11. df08988

    Just what the NBA wants: a Rockets/Celtics finals – NOT!!! If that happens, the “click” of TV’s turning off or changing channels will be deafening.

    • Connorsoxfan

      Boston is a huge and dedicated market though, but as a New England man all my life, I don’t know their appeal nationally right now. It’s a good story line though. None of this was supposed to happen.

      • dugdog83

        Ahhh it makes sense now Connor, in previous posts I pegged you as a white Sox fan.

    • moazetongue

      There’s an article that appeared today that had a pretty graphic of the US and nearly all the states said they wanted the Cavs over the Celtics. Sorry I didn’t include a link. However I don’t know about the rocket/warriors thing. And I also don’t know about the sample size of the former.

  12. all in ad

    Celtics. Without Love, LBJ will get swarmed…no reliable kick out option. Clarkson could come up big but only if screwy Lue will play him. Love always hurt….

  13. joemoes

    I would actually look at this differently then a normal home game. Young Celtics vs Lebron. Game 7 elimination they will be nervous. And Lebron gets a few calls they get frustrated.

    • moazetongue

      I think that happened exactly as you said. Tatum choked down the stretch with his fouls.

  14. millzlane

    Doesn’t matter to me if LeBron wins or loses though as long as he signs with Philly after the season!!!! Go Sixers

  15. formerlyz

    LeBron James vs a really, really good Celtics team. Game 7. Eastern Conference Finals. Celtics are 10-0 at home in these playoffs and pretty much unbeaten in Game 7s at home. Its amazing that Lebron somehow got them to this point. Let’s call this team what it is. You cant talk about their youth when they’ve been as consistent as they’ve been. At this point, those guys are who they’re playing as, and that’s extremely talented and versatile on both sides. I could even see the Celtics giving the Warriors more than a scare. That being said, it’s hard to bet against an all time great like LeBron James, and I think he will somehow get it done, and get himself to his 8th straight NBA Finals

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