Latest On Paul George’s Free Agency

Paul George has one season remaining on his contract, but he’s expected to opt out of his deal this summer and become a free agent. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski discussed George’s future on the network’s NBA Draft Special (h/t Brett Dawson of The Oklahoman), explaining how the Thunder are now in a better position to keep George than they were last offseason.

“Oklahoma City’s done a great job of selling him on a future there, and he liked playing with Russell Westbrook and Steven Adams and Billy Donovan,” Wojnarowski said.

While OKC has an opportunity to keep George, the Lakers remain a serious threat. George and LeBron James will at least discuss the possibility of teaming up in Los Angeles prior to free agency, per Woj.

The Rockets will be aggressive in their pursuit of George. While Houston isn’t expected to have salary cap space, we saw what GM Daryl Morey is capable of in last summer’s Chris Paul deal. Morey and the Rockets will search for a way to get George on the roster should the small forward have interest in joining the club.

Wojnarowski also mentions that the Sixers would be a good fit for George. Philadelphia has slightly over $67.4MM in guaranteed salary on the books with the cap projected to come in at $101MM.

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21 thoughts on “Latest On Paul George’s Free Agency

  1. George has options. Guessing he’ll land with either the Lakers or 76ers. Thunder didn’t work, no need to try it again unless money is at the top of his priority list. He’ll probably have to wait until LeBron makes his decision as well.

  2. theking24

    I don’t get why he would stay with the thunder. They’re in cap hell, Westbrook will be 30 and PGs when they hit 30 and over decline(statistically proven) and the other main piece is Adams. Maybe Ferguson develops into something nice but sixers and Lakers are more intriguing options

    • mcmillankmm

      I actually don’t think it’s too far fetched, although Love’s value has diminished and I’m not sure what else Cleveland can throw in of value

      • Kevin Love is by far their second best player. Must suck to be constantly glossed over when you average 18/10

    • Why in the world would Oklahoma City even want Kevin Love? Didn’t they just get rid of an expensive PF/C that was all offense and no defense? Teams would just go small and eliminate the ability to even play Love (sorta like Ryan Anderson in Houston)

  3. George is overrated. He’s a very good All Star level player, but he’s not a franchise cornerstone. His track record is unremarkable and his character questionable. Why would the Lakers want him alongside Ingram and Kuzma? Of those two, only Kuzma has intrigue as I think Ingram’s ceiling is more Rudy Gay than KD.
    The Lakers are horrible too, they didn’t have anything like the breakout season other young teams had. Papa Bell needs to be issued a cease-and-desist by the league.

    The team that would be great with George is Portland but they have no funds.

    I really hope young teams like the Sixers don’t jettison their promising near future by trading for a ‘win-now’ player. No rush.

  4. x%sure

    The Clippers will be making a big deal by draft day. They have 2 late lotteries and a lot of expirings.
    For some reason the espn trade machine has Wes Johnson unavailable to trade, but BasRef says he re-upped May 2.

    Jerry West only has 4 contracts, 2 major for 2019 so far! Gallinari, LouWilliams, 2 kids for $34mil.
    If Rockets don’t prioritize CPaul, Clips have inside track; DJordan, PBeverly too. Why not for Paul George?

    I set up a Clev-LAC trade earlier which IDK is possible. A Lebron sign&trade. But teams doing that have to be under the apron to receive players and Cavs are about $12mil over. Throws a wrench into Houston’s dreams too.

    • That’s a pretty good take. I keep forgetting about the Clippers as an LA possibility. As you point out, the money is there and the room is there to fit a couple guys.

      Everyone’s correct, George is not a superstar, so you need to team him up with LeBron or Chris Paul. So throw the Clippers into the mix with the Lakers as super team destination. Jerry West can get it done. Doc Rivers is a player’s coach.

      I’ve always said Lakers or Sixers for LeBron, but if LeBron can get George and/or Paul and/or Kawhi, then Clippers are dark horse favorites.

      • x%sure

        The Cavs would have to waive & stretch HIll & Smith I THINK, which if they are trading James anyway, would be fine. Neither player is owed much guaranteed in the last year of their contract so it would not hurt much. The Cavs would be attractive again for James in a couple years.

        The point of doing this is for 3 1sts.
        The point for Lebron is getting LA and another major player (maybe CP3) and DJ without the Laker circus.

    • all in ad

      CP3 back to clips….absurd! He burned bridges….jerry west won’t take him back. Paul hated doc’s son.

  5. Totally agree with jbl, PG13 is a very good player but is not great. & I would hate to see Philly signing him or Kawhi or Lebron, they are young & great as they are adding someone in this draft specially a 3 & D & with patience they can be one of the greatest teams ever building on BS & JE, so I wouldn’t risk the future for this obsession of winning now.

  6. Reflect

    Thunder would have better chances of building something if they didn’t make that Melo trade. Right now they have no cap space to both sign George and improve the team elsewhere.

    • formerlyz

      So they have a better chance with Kanter opting in than Melo? Do you hate Melo that much? Totally ridiculous

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